Tenebris expansion preview - April 10, 2023

Progress on the Tenebris expansion is currently past the programming phase and into the testing phase, and testing has been proceeding well enough that a preview video for the Tenebris expansion is available on YouTube here.

The video itself shows a general outline of the biggest additions the Tenebris expansion provides for the Playstation 4 and PC versions of The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt, with the main features of the expansion as follows:

  • A new 10th playable character, Caesara, an imperial knight with a focus on stanced-based combat, will be playable in all modes. More information can be found in her respective dev blog entry.

  • A new adventure mode, Naval Conquest, will have the player form a party of 3, explore islands, board ships, recruit crew, build their fleet, and prepare in their limited days for the final battle with the Imperator's Fleet. More information can be found in the Naval Conquest dev blog entry.

  • A new story arc in a new world will be added to Story Mode, complete with its own main questline, story-based side quests (which add passives as rewards) and an optional superdungeon. 10 Tenebris Challenges will also be added to Story Mode, which includes its own unique bosses in its final Challenge.

  • The original 9 party members will gain access to a 9th "sharktooth" weapon that, unlike the previous positive-heavy weapons, provides both unique positive and negative traits. The original 9 characters also will gain new passive abilities that can be found in Story Mode side quests or Endless Dungeon, and Barklord will gain access to a new Wild Nova ability. More information can be found in the associated dev blog entry.

  • Other existing modes will gain new additions. Endless Dungeon will add Pantheon Priests (who can bestow a blessing for the party) and the Crazy Arena (a difficult boss battle that lets the player advance faster and gain more treasure). Conquest will have new monsters added to be recruited, and Heist will gain a new Artifact to be stolen -- the False Saint's Blade. More details on these additions to these modes can be found in their own dev blog entry.

There is a possibility that some of what's been mentioned in this blog entry (and the others) could be changed before release, if something new provides massive problems in some way, but that likelihood is low.

The next update for the Tenebris expansion will likely end up being its release, as there is just testing to be done at this point.