Screenshot: The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt title

Screenshot: Basic attacks

Screenshot: Cook's ranged weapon

Screenshot: Brooks' aiming

Screenshot: Dodging

Screenshot: Blocking

Screenshot: Body Field Effect

Screenshot: Mind Field Effect

Screenshot: Fire Siphon Field Effect

Screenshot: Water Siphon Field Effect

Screenshot: Wind Siphon Field Effect

Screenshot: Earth Siphon Field Effect

Screenshot: Hyper Blade

Screenshot: Bladecopter

Screenshot: Tornado

Screenshot: Power Drive

Screenshot: Energy Flow

Screenshot: Dozens of ice spikes

Screenshot: Light Chi

Screenshot: Light Magic

Screenshot: System Shock

Screenshot: Hatchetwirl

Screenshot: Backhand

Screenshot: Land's End

Screenshot: Viper Flight

Screenshot: Viper King

Screenshot: Death Forest

Screenshot: Viper Cudgel

Screenshot: Boulder

Screenshot: Dragon's Breath

Screenshot: Ninja

Screenshot: Throwing Knife

Screenshot: Waterjet

Screenshot: Twister

Screenshot: Smoke Grenade

Screenshot: Withstand Seal

Screenshot: Home Run

Screenshot: Blastback

Screenshot: Black Hole

Screenshot: Force Fighters

Screenshot: Zombies

Screenshot: Dark Knights

Screenshot: Shadows

Screenshot: Demons

Screenshot: Ghosts

Screenshot: Mages

Screenshot: Necromancers

Screenshot: Devolved Vipers

Screenshot: Siphon-Ripped

Screenshot: Deformed Vipers

Screenshot: Adamant Golems

Screenshot: Bad Pupils

Screenshot: Icemen

Screenshot: Windmills

Screenshot: Teras

Screenshot: Soul Triad system

Screenshot: Cherry's Skysunder Extreme

Screenshot: Knight's Absolute Zero Extreme

Screenshot: Alberto's Heaven's Wrath Extreme

Screenshot: Tara's Planetshatter Extreme

Screenshot: Pound's Apocalypse Forest Extreme

Screenshot: Cook's Phenomenon Flare Extreme

Screenshot: Claire's Deluge of Doom Extreme

Screenshot: Jimmy's Nuclear Necromancer Extreme

Screenshot: Brooks' Space-Time Rend Extreme

Screenshot: Endless Dungeon

Screenshot: Onslaught

Screenshot: Conquest World Map


Dragooned Trailer for Playstation 4


Screenshot: Endless Dungeon - Knight

Screenshot: Skirmish - Cherry vs. Impossible

Screenshot: Onslaught - Thormia

Screenshot: Challenge - Rory

Screenshot: Character Select Screen - Space God Traven

Screenshot: Endless Dungeon - Mia

Screenshot: Skirmish - Hans Hansagashi vs. Jimmy, Ashley and Hayley

Screenshot: Challenge - John Socrates Deepsoulington

Screenshot: Endless Dungeon - Polydegmon

Screenshot: Skirmish - Tyler vs. Pound and Sabine


Screenshot: Endless Dungeon - Cherry

Screenshot: Skirmish - Knight vs. Rory

Screenshot: Onslaught - Impossible

Screenshot: Challenge - Lucia

Screenshot: Character Select Screen - Jimmy

Screenshot: Endless Dungeon - Noah

Screenshot: Skirmish - Polydegmon vs. Zippy and Space God Traven

Screenshot: Challenge - Sabine

Screenshot: Endless Dungeon - Erin

Screenshot: Skirmish - Arthur vs. Melissa


Skylight Freerange Trailer for Playstation 4

Screenshot: The how-to guide on ethics (PS4)

Screenshot: Betrayer swarm (PS4)

Screenshot: Creating a character (PS4)

Screenshot: Earth God (PS4)

Screenshot: Setting up (PS4)

Screenshot: Nature's bounty (PS4)

Screenshot: Nobody knows my pain (PS4)

Screenshot: Reality strikes (PS4)

Screenshot: Outsourcing emotions (PS4)

Screenshot: Heroes for every occasion (PS4)

Screenshot: Paying those who protect us (Vita)

Screenshot: Terror attack (Vita)

Screenshot: Creating a character (Vita)

Screenshot: Betrayer ambush (Vita)

Screenshot: Talking tactics (Vita)

Screenshot: A land covered in ash (Vita)

Screenshot: Bailouts (Vita)

Screenshot: Making friends (Vita)

Screenshot: Starting up a company (Vita)

Screenshot: Bad moods (Vita)

Bio Card: Alex

Bio Card: Sean

Bio Card: Dominic

Bio Card: Arthur

Bio Card: Hayley

Bio Card: Sabine

Bio Card: Robyn

Bio Card: Mia

In-game decoration: Re-elect Stanley Tanner

In-game decoration: WhoAteMyFaceCon

In-game decoration: Indie Engineers

In-game decoration: Northern Burning: The Movie



Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine Trailer for Playstation 4

Screenshot: Promotion through assassination

Screenshot: Berserker Battle

Screenshot: Creating a character

Screenshot: Street brawl

Screenshot: Means and ends

Screenshot: Out in the world

Screenshot: Hyperbole

Screenshot: We've got your back

Screenshot: Aftermath of a decision

Screenshot: Verbal tennis


Screenshot: Promotion through assassination

Screenshot: Berserkers and Phantoms

Screenshot: Creating a character

Screenshot: Into the breach

Screenshot: To Avalon

Screenshot: Out in the world

Screenshot: Medical decision

Screenshot: We've got your back

Screenshot: Loitering

Screenshot: Priorities


Press kit: All Gachduine Screenshots (113)

Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine Trailer

Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine Character Creator

Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine Basics

Weapon Type: Unarmed/Knuckles

Weapon Type: Pistol

Weapon Type: Shotgun

Weapon Type: Rifle

Weapon Type: Shield

Weapon Type: Assault Rifle

Weapon Type: Flamethrower

Weapon Type: Rocket Launcher

Weapon Type: Combat Knife

Weapon Type: Sledgehammer

Weapon Type: Battering Ram

Weapon Type: Behemoth

Weapon Type: Barrels

Weapon Type: C4

Weapon Type: Chainsaw

Weapon Type: Jupiter

Weapon Type: Hover Staff

Weapon Type: Cult Blade

Weapon Type: Glacier

Weapon Type: Sulfur Ball

Returning Enemy Types

New Enemy Types

Screenshot: Aftermath of a decision

Screenshot: At cross-purposes

Screenshot: Of filthboys

Screenshot: Story altered via save import

Screenshot: The Canadian Shield

Screenshot: Two Mains

Screenshot: What could possibly go wrong?

Screenshot: Beginnings

Screenshot: New sheriff in town

Screenshot: For her honour

Screenshot: A land twisted by blight

Screenshot: Choices

Screenshot: I might

Screenshot: Taking a stand

Screenshot: Good thought, bad thought

Screenshot: Club brawl

Screenshot: How grand, thine neckbeard

Screenshot: Ultimatum

Screenshot: Conflict of interest

Screenshot: Medical scare

Screenshot: Our answers are the correct answers

Screenshot: A choice to change everything

Screenshot: Award-winning television

Screenshot: Promotion through assassination

Screenshot: We've got your back

Screenshot: Bright spot in the dark

Screenshot: When comedy clubs go wrong

Screenshot: Hunt for the Colossus

Screenshot: First date faux pas

Screenshot: The die has been cast

Screenshot: Corporate policy meets drunken dares

Screenshot: No breaking this friendship

Screenshot: Winter wonderland

Screenshot: Halifax 2048

Screenshot: Dual claymores versus rocket launcher

Screenshot: Rapidfire Apocalypse

Screenshot: There will be no mercy, no quarter

Screenshot: I know that feel

Screenshot: An arsenal to be feared

Screenshot: We can have it all

Bio Card: Main

Bio Card: Craig

Bio Card: Rory

Bio Card: Kyra

Bio Card: Zippy

Bio Card: Miranda

Bio Card: Noah

Bio Card: Erica

Bio Card: Lucia

Bio Card: Derek

Bio Card: Saira

Bio Card: Jason/Angela

Bio Card: Alex

Bio Card: Sean

Bio Card: Dominic

Bio Card: Arthur

Bio Card: Hayley

Bio Card: Sabine

Bio Card: Robyn

Bio Card: Mia

Bio Card: Melissa

Bio Card: The Exorcist

New Meets Old

Character: Main 1

Character: Main 2

Character: Craig 1

Character: Craig 2

Character: Rory 1

Character: Rory 2

Character: Kyra 1

Character: Kyra 2

Character: Zippy 1

Character: Zippy 2

Character: Miranda 1

Character: Miranda 2

Character: Noah 1

Character: Noah 2

Character: Erica 1

Character: Erica 2

Character: Lucia 1

Character: Lucia 2

Character: Alex 1

Character: Alex 2

Character: Sean 1

Character: Sean 2

Character: Dominic 1

Character: Dominic 2

Character: Arthur 1

Character: Arthur 2

Character: Hayley 1

Character: Hayley 2

Character: Sabine 1

Character: Sabine 2

Character: Robyn 1

Character: Robyn 2

Character: Mia 1

Character: Mia 2

Character Reveal: Melissa 1

Character Reveal: Melissa 2

Character Reveal: Exorcist 1

Character Reveal: Exorcist 2

In-game media ad: Who Ate My Face (Skylight 2 version)

In-game media ad: Who Ate My Face: Threnody of the Wyvernmancer of Lust

In-game media ad: Grocery Store Detective (Skylight 2 version)

In-game media ad: Grocery Store Detective Reborn

Cult Propaganda 1: What is the Cult of the Symbiote?

Cult Propaganda 2: A message from Catherine Blue

Cult Propaganda 3: Contigions

Cult Propaganda 4: Preserve our unity

Cult Propaganda 5: Why Mommy?

Cult Propaganda 6: Sanguines

Choose your past



Skylight Freerange Trailer

Screenshot: Rapid-fire combat

Screenshot: Married life

Screenshot: Terrors in the subway

Screenshot: Winter time

Screenshot: Competency choices

Screenshot: Golem Power + 700%

Screenshot: Exploding barrels at the ready

Screenshot: Wedding

Screenshot: Why have a team of 4 when you can have 15+?

Screenshot: Meeting new people at a party

Screenshot: Two person battering ram versus Indestructible

Screenshot: Rain at the beach

Screenshot: Fighting Lifeless

Screenshot: City covered in ash

Screenshot: List of friends

Screenshot: Weapon choices

Screenshot: Symbiote Cloud

Screenshot: Massive street brawl

Screenshot: Convention Centre

Screenshot: The Green Lamppost returns

Screenshot: Winter time at the beach

Screenshot: Casino

Screenshot: Massive structure on the world map

Screenshot: Refusal to look at the explosion

Screenshot: Hanging out

Screenshot: Rooftop battle

Screenshot: Flamethrower

Screenshot: Decision time

Screenshot: Watching TV

Screenshot: Conversing with the locals

Screenshot: Mall

Screenshot: Consequence


Screenshot: GTAL's cast

Screenshot: Melissa, Tyler and Erin

Screenshot: Dean Lea at the podium

Screenshot: Villains at work

Screenshot: Golem

Screenshot: Explosions

Screenshot: Indestructible and a Gun Base

Screenshot: Guards behind an open security door


Still: Dear Concerned Citizens

Still: Shotguns and Exploding Barrels

Still: GTAL List

Still: What could possibly go wrong?


Screenshot: RopeRange

Screenshot: Menu

Screenshot: Battle

Screenshot: Town

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