New abilities and weapons for existing characters - April 10, 2023

The Tenebris expansion will add 3 new passives for each character through Story/Endless Dungeon, as well as a 9th weapon (also known as a Sharktooth weapon) that has both positive and negative traits. Caesara is not included in this page, as her Sharktooth weapon (Master-Forged Sharktooth) and her passives are already included in her blog page. Caesara also gains 6 Story/Endless Dungeon passives to have the same number as the rest of the party (who each got 3 in Legends Overload). Barklord can also learn a new ability, Wild Nova, and with it can gain higher maximum Daugmentors and new passives to invest in for Wild Nova.

As this is still the preview stage of the Tenebris expansion, the abilities and weapons below may be altered for balancing reasons, but are being mentioned to show what can be expected of the additions to older characters.



Hard Shove -- If Pushback Launch has been learned, knockback collision from Pushback deals 20x collision damage. On collision, all other enemies are launched away and suffer 20x collision damage from that knockback.

Wingman -- Hitting an enemy with Bladecopter reduces its cooldown by 15 seconds. If Attack Chopper is learned and triggers when hitting an enemy with Bladecopter, the party is healed for 50 HP.

Surge Protector -- Power Surge makes the healed target invincible for 3 seconds.

Sharktooth Weapon - Sharktooth Sword -- Provides Pulled To The Sky. The user's blocking no longer reduces damage or regens HP, but every knockback collision from the user has its damage boosted by 1 per level of this weapon per knockback collision inflicted by the user for the entire fight.

Summary -- Cherry gains a potent combination of damage, heavy stun and healing with Wingman, while Surge Protector allows her to provide invincibility in a non-Wind Siphon build (or double down on invincibility with Phantom Break if going Wind Siphon). Hard Shove and her Sharktooth Sword gives Cherry's Knockback more bite -- she had high Knockback frequency with her Wind Siphon build, but was not able to compete with Brooks for actual Knockback damage prior to obtaining these passives.



Neverending Night -- Nightslash's explosion damage is multiplied by (1 + Number of previous consecutive Nightslash explosions). A miss that results in Nightslash not triggering an explosion resets the count.

Moon Mastery -- Moonlight's radius is boosted by 5 body widths, its duration is boosted by 3 seconds, and if the Mind Field Effect is active, enemies cannot kill party members within Moonlight's area of effect.

Brutal Bubble -- Enemies trapped within Monster Bubble take 2x damage. If the Drown passive is learned, Drown's damage output is quadrupled.

Sharktooth Weapon - Sharktooth Scythe -- Provides Heartbreaking Resilience. All damage to the user is reduced by 9% per level of this weapon, but each ability use inflicts damage to the user for 1 damage per ability used that battle (the user cannot die from this).

Summary -- Knight focuses further on his aggressive playstyle, and even gains a defensive debuff like Queen's Hand and Throat Jab through Brutal Bubble -- investment in Monster Bubble would let multiple grouped enemies be trapped and weakened defensively with one projectile. Moon Mastery gives Knight more of his newfound no-dying trait, but provides it for the party on Mind Field Effect teams. Knight's Sharktooth Scythe gives him incredible damage reduction at the cost of increasingly higher damage to himself on using abilities -- builds that rely on basic attacks (like Metastrike builds) or abilities used sparingly might find use out of the heightened survival for Knight.



Reanimation -- Light Chi's collision damage is tripled, and on collision, Stun/Knockdown lockouts are removed.

Vitality Overflow -- While the user is in the party, if any ally in the party is at max HP, the party cannot die.

Sick Burn -- If an enemy is suffering from Stun or Stun lockout, Planet Destroyer gains triple Radiation values from hitting that target (if the Radiation passive has been learned).

Sharktooth Weapon - Sharktooth Claws -- Provides Superhuman Speed. Counter's damage is multiplied by (1 + (0.1 per level of this weapon per Counter)), but the user suffers (2 x Number of Counter used that battle) damage every time Counter is used (the user cannot die to this).

Summary -- Alberto's Vitality Overflow gives his frequent powerful healing another use -- no party death when anyone is at full HP, something that can be great alongside Cherry's invincibility options for the party. Reanimation gives Alberto a niche as a status ailment lockout resetter, while Sick Burn gives Alberto's Planet Destroyer a powerful boost (and should be easy to hit with System Shock learned). Alberto's Sharktooth Claws are more powerful for Counter builds than Seraphim Nails, but are also riskier to use with the increasing damage done to himself.



Advantage Apex -- If Advantage Pushback has been learned, its duration is boosted by 3 seconds and its damage buff increases from 2x to 3x damage.

Fight Through Anything -- While Willpower is active, the user regens 6 HP/second.

The Path Forward -- Path to Hell now deals Attack x 0.3 damage every 1/5 of a second. The area of effect for the current Path to Hell grows by 1 body width every 1/5 of a second and every time an enemy is hit by Path to Hell's damage-over-time.

Sharktooth Weapon - Sharktooth Battleaxe -- Provides Revitalized Land. The user's Earth Siphon ability damage is multiplied by (1 + (0.2 per level of this weapon that battle)) and each Earth Siphon ability use heals the party for 2 HP per level of this weapon, but the user's received healing is reduced by 5% per Earth Siphon ability used. At 100%, the user can no longer HP Regen.

Summary -- Tara continues her typical self-buffing playstyle (improved damage and HP regen), with Fight Through Anything being particularly standout -- so long as Tara does not do anything to turn off Willpower, she can make use of a very lengthy and powerful HP Regen. The Path Forward allows Path to Hell to act as a damage tool, and that damage can also be used to push enemies closer to instant death thresholds. Tara's Sharktooth Battleaxe gives her a dual focus in boosted Earth Siphon damage and party healing, but weakens her own received non-regen healing (and eventually losing regen healing, too). The Sharktooth Battleaxe can be used effectively for mixed builds for versatility -- use just enough Earth Siphon abilities for extra damage and party healing, but stop just short and focus on Body/Mind abilities after.



Flight Plan -- Every enemy hit by Viper Flight boosts Viper Flight's damage for the rest of the fight, multiplying its damage by (1 + (0.1 x Number of times Viper Flight hit)). If Pushback Energize is learned, it activates once per Viper Flight if that Viper Flight hits an enemy.

Energy Absorption -- Each attack or ability nulled by Barrier reduces Barrier's cooldown by 1 second.

Low Magic Points -- Magic Blast boosts its area of effect by 1 body width per ability on cooldown, multiplies its damage by (1 + Number of abilities on cooldown), and reduces all non-Magic Blast cooldowns 1 second per ability on cooldown. Magic Blast on cooldown does not count towards boosting damage/area.

Sharktooth Weapon - Sharktooth Claymores -- Provides Camouflaged in Nature. When the user stands within 8 body widths of the center of a Death Forest tree of at least Germinated Mindspike level, the user becomes invisible and all enemies' received damage is boosted by 5% per level of this weapon and all enemies' damage inflicted is reduced by 5% per level of this weapon, but the user cannot dodge.

Summary -- Pound's passives rely on playing him well - Flight Plan gives Pound an increasingly stronger Body ability that can deal higher and higher damage as a fight goes on. Energy Absorption gives him long-lasting and large Barriers that can be deployed more and more if placed effectively. Low Magic Points lets Magic Blast become a more effective damage tool, and if timed well for Death Forest explosions, can deal big damage while letting Pound immediately start rebuilding forests. Pound's Sharktooth Claymores leave his already fragile stats in a precarious position by making him unable to dodge, but expert Death Forest builders that can keep up a steady supply of Death Forest trees will keep Pound invisible, while providing offensive and defensive perks for the party.



Intimidating Kick -- The Knockdown ability applies a debuff to the enemy, where for 3 seconds, the enemy cannot move, their damage inflicted is halved, and their damage received is doubled. If this debuff is successfully applied, Knockdown's cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds once per use. The debuff timer is frozen while the enemy is knocked down.

Challenging Fate -- While Fatality is active, every enemy hit by the user's ranged weapon boosts Fatality duration by 0.1 seconds and reduces Fatality cooldown by 0.25 seconds. Every manual use of Far Shot does the same to duration/cooldown, but also boosts Fatality damage additively by 50% per manual Far Shot until Fatality is used again.

Combustible Materials -- While the Fire Field Effect is active, Viper Blast's damage is multiplied by (1 + (0.1 x Number of battlefield fires)).

Sharktooth Weapon - Sharktooth Chakram -- Provides The Greatest Warrior. Damage for both Body abilities and basic attacks while holding a ranged weapon is boosted by 1% per level of this weapon per Body ability used that battle, but ranged attacks have reduced damage by 80% and the user suffers increased damage at a rate of (1 + (0.2 x Body Abilities used that battle)).

Summary -- Intimidating Kick is a very powerful debuff that is available for any build, crippling the offense, defense and movement of those it hits (and the Knockdown from Barklord's lockout-ignoring Bark Raid can effectively extend the duration). Challenging Fate gives Cook more of a specialization in ranged damage, while Combustible Materials basically rewards him for what he is likely already doing with a Fire Siphon build -- covering the battlefield with fire (which Viper Blast will also add in a correct Fire Siphon setup). Cook's Sharktooth Chakram takes away his high stat bulk and his ranged damage to provide him with massive melee offense, turning him from powerhouse-tank to high-risk high-reward damage dealer (especially when combined with Strength and the Body Field Effect).



Complete Crimson -- While the Body Field Effect is active, Crimson Acrobat's damage is 4x higher. If the enemy is knocked down, damaging an enemy with Crimson Acrobat reduces Crimson Acrobat's cooldown to zero.

Ninja Medic -- While Stealth is active, the user's damage is doubled and damage received is halved. First Aid now provides HP Regen of 4 HP/second for 5 seconds to its target, and if Stealth is learned, activates Stealth for the user if currently inactive. If First Aid is used while Stealth is already active beforehand, First Aid's HP Regen becomes 12 HP/second.

Terrible Fall -- Fallen Angel's area of effect is 10x bigger, lasts 3 seconds longer, boosts Knockdown time by 1 second, and if Prone is learned, the party benefits from Prone when attacking enemies specifically knocked down by Fallen Angel. Prone also has its damage boosted to 3x damage against enemies specifically knocked down by Fallen Angel.

Sharktooth Weapon - Sharktooth Dirk -- Provides Ocean Traveller. If the Jetpack passive has been learned, Waterjet deals an extra x0.1 damage per level of this weapon every time Waterjet is used with the Jetpack passive that battle. However, each use of Waterjet with the Jetpack passive boosts the cooldowns of all of the user's abilities (except Waterjet) by 1 second per Waterjet usage.

Summary -- In the same way thay other characters have been getting defense debuffs to keep up with Claire's powerful Throat Jab, Claire's damage can now match the other party members' 4x damage during the Body Field Effect passive and then some -- Complete Crimson allows Claire to spam Crimson Acrobat now, making her a powerful Body ability attacker. Not to say her defensive debuff capacity has not improved -- Terrible Fall allows Fallen Angel to essentially be a powerful defense debuff on the enemy on top of Throat Jab. Ninja Medic allows Claire to focus on standard and regen healing while staying invisible, and boosts damage for her Throwing Knife/Mind Field Effect builds even further. Sharktooth Dirk takes away Claire's cooldown strengths for all but Waterjet, but also provides Claire with a strong invincible dash/beam attack (good for Waterjet fans).



Dead On -- If Necromancer's Landing is learned and Dead Drop (not Dead Stomp) hits, damage for Dead Drop is boosted by 20x and Dead Drop's cooldown is reduced to zero. If Coughing Fit is learned, it applies to enemies hit by the Dead Stomp passive (if learned), and the hitradius for the Dead Stomp passive is tripled in size.

Spirit Hypercharge -- If Spirit Blast is learned, its radius is tripled and its damage is multiplied by (1 + (0.25 x Number of hits received on previous Spiritcharge)). Every hit received while Spiritcharge is active reduces Spiritcharge's cooldown by 0.25 seconds. Spirit Blast now applies outside of the Mind Field Effect, and deals 8x damage during the Mind Field Effect.

Nothing But Null -- If Vital Wave nullifies a Field Effect, its damage is 50x higher, its cooldown is reduced to zero, and Heal is applied to all party members (including Heal Power).

Sharktooth Weapon - Sharktooth Karambit -- Provides Starless Night. If the user's allies are alive and the user is not the only party member, the user is completely invisible and all of their damage is multiplied by (1 + (0.1 per level of this weapon)). However, if the user is alone or the only one alive, their damage is reduced to 25% and they receive 4x damage.

Summary -- Jimmy's passives provide greater accessibility for his abilities overall, giving Dead Drop better rewards for Dead Stomp (and FAR greater rewards for precision still), and Spirit Hypercharge allows Spirit Blast to add to his Stagger handling more frequently while giving him counter-tank capabilities. Nothing But Null makes Vital Wave a force to be reckoned with with giant damage and healing -- building up Field Effects just to knock them down can be a viable strategy here (not just cancelling unwanted enemy Field Effects), though Field Effect heavy teams won't like this. Sharktooth Karambit allows Jimmy to have a solid offensive boost, but only if he keeps up his main role of defensive support and enemy interruption through Stagger -- if he isn't keeping his party alive, he'll become visible with heavily weakened offense and defense.



Crosscrush -- A successful Crossguard heals the user for 50 HP, boosts the user's damage by 5x for 8 seconds, and if Pushbreak has been learned as a passive, applies Pushbreak to enemies affected by Crossguard's counter.

Reposition -- After using Blastback, the user becomes invisible to all enemies for 3 seconds. If Eagle Cannon, Multi-Shot and/or Heavy Focus are learned, those learned abilities are activated for free. The free activation of Multi-Shot keeps the current Rapidfire Focus count if Multi-Shot is currently active.

What A Drag -- Power Drag inflicts Stun and a debuff for 5 seconds that causes the target to suffer double damage. If any enemy with the Power Drag debuff suffers any collision damage from any source, collision damage is multiplied by (2 + (Number of previous collisions with current Power Drag debuff active)).

Sharktooth Weapon - Sharktooth Crossbow -- Provides Volatile Bolt. Every basic hitscan attack the user deals is multiplied by (1 + (0.1/level x Number of landed hitscan attacks that battle)), and the area of effect is boosted by 1 body width per landed hitscan attack. However, the time the user can fire their weapon again is increased by 0.1 seconds per hitscan attack landed.

Summary -- Brooks' new passive set focuses mainly on his existing strengths. Crosscrush makes successful Crossguard parries further rewarding by heavily powering up Brooks and keeping him in fighting form with extra healing. Reposition lets Brooks' ranged fighting be put in a more favourable position by moving him far away, making him invisible and applying relevant ranged buff abilities for free. What A Drag allows Brooks to join the standard defense debuff club, but with the benefit of added collision damage, making him the master of collision damage still when combined with Pushbreak. His Sharktooth Crossbow is similar to his Howitzer weapon, but also provides additional damage at the cost of "reload speed" -- this can be a useful weapon for mixed builds that make solid use of ranged fighting while using other abilities between ranged attacks.


Wild Nova -- When triggered with Barklord on the field, Barklord stops and creates an area-of-effect attack around himself that deals damage-over-time and frequent Stagger. Primarily meant for area control, it can also be customized to provide offensive and defensive support for party members within Wild Nova's area.

Passives (up to 10 levels per)

Wild Nova Damage -- Barklord's base damage is 5 + (2 per level of this ability) for Wild Nova and it inflicts Stagger each hit.

Wild Nova Frequency -- The frequency that Wild Nova deals damage is 1 second - (0.05 seconds per level of this ability).

Wild Nova Area -- The area of Wild Nova is a radius of 5 body widths + (0.5 widths per level of this ability).

Wild Nova Boost -- Any party members within Wild Nova's area-of-effect have their damage boosted by 5% per level of this ability.

Wild Nova Reduction -- Any party members within Wild Nova's area-of-effect have all damage received reduced by 5% per level of this ability.

Wild Nova Duration -- Wild Nova's duration is 2 seconds + (0.2 seconds per level of this ability).

Summary -- With the addition of Wild Nova as a tool for area control, and potentially for both offensive and defensive support, Barklord can respond more effectively to a greater number of battle situations (especially with Bark Raid's lockout-ignoring Knockdown and his HP Regen from previous passives). Since his Daugmentors (and their new maximum on learning Wild Nova) can be applied to old and new passives alike, Barklord can be made as specialized or versatile as the player wants.


Each Sharktooth weapon (for the original 9 characters, Caesara, and eventually the two future characters), is meant to reference a Pantheon god or hellbeast power from the Tenebris Conquest series.