Character Guides - Cook - General - May 30, 2020


Notable traits/roles

High stats, damage dealer, Provoke tank, large area damage-over-time, Knockdown

Max stats

HP - 300

Attack - 50 (75 with max level Frisblade)

Defense - 60%

Combat Movement - 0%


One look at Cook's stats should show how powerful he is -- he has the highest base HP, Attack and Defense of all characters. He also access to a ranged weapon he can throw with Far Shot at 1 second cooldown; this ranged weapon ricochets off of walls and battle boundaries, able to hit enemies again and again until it returns to Cook. On top of Cook's massive stats, his basic attack and Body abilities deal 50% more damage while he is holding his ranged weapon, making him a powerful damage dealer. His high HP and Defense combine well with his Provoke ability, forcing all enemies to target him. He also can spread and power up fire onto the battlefield, and has a number of options for Knockdown.


Cook is great at the fundamentals of combat, but has a harder time with anything advanced. Even with his 1 second Far Shot, he still has the highest average cooldowns of any character. This means he has less options available in combat and is reliant on his party to bring influence to and maintain any Field Effects that Cook needs to enhance his abilities.