Character Guides - Pound - Onslaught/Conquest/Heist preset - May 30, 2020


Viper Flight


Dark Arts


Apocalypse Forest - Pound triggers 16 Death Forest trees that grow through each stage over time, from Mindspike to Germinated Mindspike to Death Forest tree to explosion.

Pound's Onslaught/Conquest/Heist preset is a very Extreme focused and reliant build, and for good reason -- it lasts a very long time on the field, covers very large areas, deals very large damage and gives Pound's cooldowns time to zero out. Dark Arts not only boosts Pound's Attack, but his Extreme gains, as well.

Pound has some problems without his Extreme -- his basic attacks are very slow, his Aura needs planning to use and dodge around, and his Dark Arts which grants him the Extreme gains he needs lasts a short time. Pound needs to combine his abilities together effectively and get out his Extreme as quickly and as frequently as possible.

When dealing with enemy groups, launch Aura first -- it lasts a long time, and Dark Arts can be used after with Viper Flight and dodging behind Aura to use up less of Dark Arts' duration. Make the most of Dark Arts, be as accurate and numerous as possible with the hit counts of Pound's attacks and abilities, and make sure that enemies will not dodge out of his Dark Arts attacks when triggering them (time as tightly as possible to trigger with the start of their attacks). Get to a safe place to call Apocalypse Forest, since Pound is vulnerable for a very short period when calling it. Use Viper Flight to help escape if needs be -- its cooldown can be restored while dodging around as Apocalypse Forest grows and explodes.