Character Guides - Pound - Sample Builds - May 30, 2020

Body Field Effect

Role - Damage, Knockdown, Support

Required Soul Triad trees to invest in - Viper Flight, Claymore Crash, Stone Gauntlet, Barrier

Optional Soul Triad trees to invest in - None

Weapon - Militia Blades

Pound will be playing Knockdown support here primarily, and Barrier is present for general team protection during this dangerous Field Effect. Militia Blades help Pound escape or reposition safely.


Role - Damage, massive Attack/Defense buffs to allies

Required Soul Triad trees to invest in - Vampire, Explosion

Optional Soul Triad trees to invest in - Germinate, Barrier

Weapon - Zweihanders, Permafrosts or Lifeless Blades

Pound's sacrificial builds are used to power up an ally for unique builds, then use Explosion and its zero cooldown as a high damage method with all of Pound's abilities drained.

Zweihanders allow Pound to make use of Viper King for massive damage, especially if the Vampire is applied to himself -- Barrier is needed to let him use Viper King safely. Permafrosts are good Vampire/non-Explosion support for Water Field Effect team builds. Lifeless Blades need the Germinate tree for the most powerful Dark Arts for standard Vampire/Explosion combos.

Death Forest

Role - Massive large area damage and area denial

Required Soul Triad trees to invest in - Germinate, Planet's Power, Magic Blast

Optional Soul Triad trees to invest in - Barrier

Weapon - Dryad Blades, Swords of Infinity or Blue Blades

In order to build Death Forests, Pound will need a team to protect him and the Earth Field Effect to have Auras place Mindspikes rapidly. Pound can then use Germinate to upgrade them to Germinated Mindspikes, then Planet's Power to upgrade them to Death Forest trees. Dark Arts will boost their damage and duration, while Magic Blast will explode them when their duration is getting low or when the player needs to builds a new Death Forest. This is a very complex build, but one of the most powerful and largest area damage dealing builds, as well.

Weapon choice is based on preference overall -- Dryad Blades for all stages of Death Forest dealing 2x damage, Swords of Infinity for large arenas and placing more trees with less Aura castings and Blue Blades for the final trees dealing 3x damage.