Character Guides - Pound - Weapons - May 30, 2020


Like all default weapons, when maxed out, provides an Attack stat boost of 50% (in Pound's case, at max Attack stats, going from 40 to 60). Useful if no particular character build satisfies conditions for other weapons.

Militia Blades

Militia Blades triples Pound's dodge distance. Used primarily for Body Field Effect builds for Pound to reposition safely, to place a Barrier to support his team or to use Viper Flight/Stone Gauntlet for Knockdown from a less dangerous location.

Dryad Blades

Boosts the damage of Pound's damage-dealing Earth Siphon abilities, which include Germinate, Planet's Power, Magic Blast and every stage of Death Forest (Mindspike, Germinated Mindspike, Death Forest and their explosions). Very useful for Death Forest builds.


Max level Zweihanders add Viper King Damage + 200%, which would double Viper King damage if Pound has the appropriate Soul Triad passives. Used for sacrificial builds with Vampire and Barrier primarily, where Pound would be utilizing his Viper King to take advantage of the Vampire Ancient power left over from using Vampire.


Pound's Elemental Weapon, protecting him from and influencing the Water Field Effect. This will really only be used on a Water Field Effect team build with Knight and Claire, where Pound is playing Field Effect influencer for them, and if Pound's Vampire would be more useful than Cherry's tanking.

Lifeless Blades

Adds up to another Attack + 10 to Pound's Dark Arts. Useful for Vampire/Explosion builds, where Pound applies both Dark Arts followed by Vampire to another ally to buff their Attack up immensely before using Explosion's zero cooldown (as Pound has less options after sacrificing abilities).

Swords of Infinity

Boost the duration of Aura by up to 10 seconds. Very useful for large arenas where Pound will be placing multiple Death Forest trees in multiple locations, but keep in mind that only 32 Death Forest trees (regardless of the stage they are at) can be in play at one time.

Blue Blades

Powers up Death Forest trees to 3x damage, but only the final stage -- Dryad Blades power up all stages to 2x damage, but this is better for the final stage damage-wise. It could go either way between this and Dryad Blades for a Death Forest build.