Character Guides - Pound - General - May 30, 2020


Notable traits/roles

Large area damage dealer, persistent large area denial, Attack buffer, Knockdown

Max stats

HP - 100

Attack - 40 (60 with max level Claymores)

Defense - 0%

Combat Movement - 0%


Pound brings a lot of large area abilities and combinations to a party, as well as powerful Attack buffs that can be applied to any party member. His Death Forest build and his Barrier ability provide large areas that the enemy will suffer large damage from or nulls their attacks respectively. The large majority of Pound's Knockdown abilities also cover large areas, incapacitating multiple enemies at one time and boosting party damage dealt.


Pound is one of two things -- either heavily reliant on his team due to his slow speeds (which include basic attacks, some cooldowns or the setup of his ability combinations) or so sacrificial in both his simpler and team-buffing capabilities that the team may sometimes function as 2 members rather than 3. Pound has many powerful abilities, but also requires a lot of planning and work behind them.