Character Guides - Tara - Sample Builds - May 30, 2020

Body Field Effect

Role - Damage, Knockdown, Body Field Effect influencer/maintainer

Required Soul Triad trees to invest in - Heart Attack, Kill Chop, Skill Strike

Optional Soul Triad trees to invest in - Hatchetwirl, Willpower

Weapon - Executioner Axe

Executioner Axe is a must here, especially for Heart Attack, which allows for frequent Knockdown during this dangerous Field Effect, along with maintaining it. Skill Strike, despite being a Mind ability, keeps Tara alive during the Body Field Effect, and Kill Chop is her big damage ability here.

It may look odd to see so many Mind abilities mixed in here, and one of Tara's Body abilities being optional, but it is more a matter of preference -- Hatchetwirl for multiple-target crowd control, or Willpower for a stronger single-target Kill Chop.

Mind Field Effect

Role - Damage, Instant Death, Mind Field Effect influencer/maintainer

Required Soul Triad trees to invest in - Decapitate, Willpower

Optional Soul Triad trees to invest in - Skill Strike, Hatchetwirl

Weapon - Restrict Axe, Ceres Cleaver or Morrison Maul

Tara's purpose with this build is to provide damage during the low damage Mind Field Effect with Willpower (its cooldown weakness lowered thanks to the Mind Field Effect), and Instant Death and Field Effect influence/maintainance with Decapitate. Skill Strike is there as additional safety and Mind Field Effect maintainance, and Hatchetwirl can be used more effectively thanks to the Mind Field Effect's improved cooldown recovery.

Tara's choice of weapon is based on overall goal for her party -- Restrict Axe for better ability disabling with Backhand and Skill Strike, Ceres Cleaver for earlier Decapitate Instant Death and Morrison Maul for better overall damage during the Mind Field Effect.

Earth Siphon Field Effect

Role - Massive Instant Death threshold

Required Soul Triad trees to invest in - Chasm, Earthquake, Path to Hell

Optional Soul Triad trees to invest in - Skill Strike

Weapon - Golem Axe or Ceres Cleaver

Tara's focus here is to have her team bring the Earth Field Effect (as her cooldowns are rather low for this), then use Earthquake to unleash multiple Chasms and Path to Hell over them to give them a massive Instant Death threshold. Golem Axe gives Tara's Chasms much better damage dealing capabilities, while Ceres Cleaver gives the Chasms more Instant Death threshold, even without Path to Hell applied to them.

It should be noted again that Tara is reliant on her team to pull this off -- she does not have the low cooldowns to set this up on her own using her own Earth Siphon abilities and then follow up with the actual Instant Death powers. This is an extremely powerful build, but also heavily dependent on teamwork and team composition.