Alberto Mundosold - October 14, 2018

Name: Alberto Mundosold

DOB: September 30, 1895 (story takes place in 1919)

Element: Wind

Weapon: Knuckles and claws

Playstyle: Healing/Stunning

Maximum Stats (through Soul Triad only, no weapons)




Combat Movement





Learnable Active Abilities:


Pushback (initally unlocked) - Inflicts Stagger at close range. Can be improved with reduced cooldown.

Knockdown (initially unlocked) - Inflicts Knockdown at close range.

Deadly Arts - Unleash a series of 5 punches that deal Attack x 0.5 damage. Positioning can be changed between punches. Can have damage and cooldown enhanced, deal increasing damage with each punch if position changes and have each punch inflict Stun.

Light Chi - Deal Attack x 0.5 damage and Knockback at close range. Can be improved by reducing cooldown, boosting knockback distance, tripling collision damage and inflicting Knockdown to enemies caught in the path of the enemy being knocked back.

Haymaker - A powerful punch that deals Attack x 5 damage. Can have its damage boosted, its damage doubled during the Body Field Effect and Stun added to Haymaker. [EDIT: As of 2019/08/06, is now Attack x 3]


Light Magic (initially unlocked) - Heal a living party member for 20 HP at its base. Can have this value boosted to 40 HP, as well as have its cooldown reduced, can have an area-of-effect healing-over-time aura remain after casting and enhanced healing power and cooldown during the Mind Field Effect.

Counter (initially unlocked) - If hit by an enemy, warp to enemy location and deal Attack x 2 damage. Has no cooldown, but cannot be used again until Alberto is hit again. Can be improved by boosting damage.

Inner Strength - For 15 seconds, power of all healing abilities (Light Magic and its Light Zone aura, Revive, Elixir) is doubled, but Alberto deals half damage with all attacks. Can be improved to have its healing power boosted beyond 2x, and during the Mind Field Effect, can remove the damage debuff.

Revive - Heals a party member for 10 HP at its base, reviving any allies dead at 0 HP. Can have this value boosted to 20 HP and its cooldown reduced.

Elixir - Heal all living party members for 10 HP at its base. Can have this value boosted to 25 HP, have increased Field Effect influence towards the Mind Field Effect and decrease the cooldown of all party members' abilities by 5 seconds.

Wind Siphon

Photon Ray (initially unlocked) - Fires a projectile that deals Attack x 1.5 damage and has a very low base cooldown of 5 seconds. Can have its damage boosted a small amount.

Static (initially unlocked) - Fires a projectile that inflicts Stun. Can have its Stun time increased, its cooldown reduced heavily, can have Attack x 1 damage and if the Wind Siphon Field Effect is active, the Static projectile can turn into a Thunder Storm on collision with an enemy, wall or boundary.

Planet Destroyer - Fires an aimable battlefield-length beam that lasts for 3 seconds. Can have its damage and duration boosted, and can have it deal increasingly higher damage the longer the same target is hit by the beam.

System Shock - Inflicts Stun to a massive area around Alberto. Can have its area and Stun time boosted further and its cooldown reduced.

Thunder Storm - The user creates a Thunder Storm that rains down 5 bolts per second over 5 seconds to random locations in that area. Can have its damage boosted and if the Wind Siphon Field Effect is active, the Thunder Storm can cover double the area while raining down 10 bolts every second instead of 5.


Claws (default weapon) - Boosts Attack stat by 5% per weapon level (allowing Alberto's max Attack stat to reach 30). Like all default weapons, good for practically any style of play.

Beast Claws - Successfully triggering Counter reduces all Mind ability cooldowns by up to 2.5 seconds at max level. Invaluable for keeping very frequent healing going with Alberto through his Mind builds or for trying to more quickly force the Mind Field Effect into play.

Magma Knuckles - Makes Alberto Fire elemental as well as Wind elemental, and basic melee attacks add to the Fire Siphon Field Effect. Not so much useful for Alberto, but for assisting Cook and/or Jimmy with their Fire Siphon builds (while protecting Alberto from the Fire Siphon Field Effect's damage-over-time flames).

Stun Claws - All Body abilities that inflict damage also inflict Stun. This may seem to be lacking in usefulness, since Deadly Arts and Haymaker can be customized to have Stun, and Light Chi's Knockback overrides Stun. It is, however, useful for allowing Deadly Arts and Haymaker to inflict much longer periods of Stun (as they are additive, this allows enemies to be Stunned for longer, making them for effective Stun tools regarding Stun lockout), and is useful for Body builds as a result. While Knife Knuckles are better against enemies in larger skirmishes, Stun Claws get more use out of boss battles.

Knife Knuckles - If Alberto kills an enemy, his Body abilities have their cooldowns reduced by up to a maximum of 10 seconds each. While this is a very impressive reduction, Alberto has generally low offensive output overall, and is not useful at all when only one enemy is present in combat. This can be effective with Body/Wind Siphon builds that run Haymaker and Planet Destroyer more heavily, and is less useful for boss battles (if at all).

Gigas Fists - Boosts the damage of Wind Siphon abilities by 10% per level. In this case, this applies to Photon Ray, Static with Spark, Planet Destroyer and Thunder Storm, making it useful for Wind Siphon builds, as that is one of Alberto's strongest and widest-area offensive builds.

Seraphim Nails - Boosts the damage of Counter. Like Beast Claws, useful for Counter-heavy and Mind-oriented builds, but should be picked over Beast Claws if Counter is more of a priority than healing for that Mind build.

Santiago Cesti - Gives Alberto the Brute Force ability, which boosts Alberto's basic attacks up to 4x damage at max weapon level while the Body Field Effect is active. This turns Alberto into a physical powerhouse during the Body Field Effect, but as it only affects basic attacks (even though it boosts up to 4x damage, the Body Field Effect doubles damage on top of that), those who focus on Body ability specialization may get more mileage out of Knife Knuckles for skirmishes with more enemies, while Stun Claws may be more useful during boss battles. As opposed to just Body, Santiago Cesti are better for builds where Alberto has a Body/Mind mix, so that Alberto can simultaneously heal with his Mind abilities, then use his Body abilities to keep the Body Field Effect going and gain the high damage boosts. Essentially, best for a physical fighter/healer combo.


Alberto has the wides range of healing abilities in The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt. Though Cherry and Jimmy's base healing values for their healing abilities are higher than Alberto's, Alberto can make use of his Inner Strength ability to greatly increase his healing output. He also has the greatest amount of healing abilities (Light Magic, Light Zone from Light Magic, Revive and Elixir), and aside from Brook's Field Dressing from Field Tactics (which involves repositioning characters), is the only character who can heal multiple allies at once. His Stun abilities are also incredible in terms of number, Stun time and potency, with Deadly Arts, Haymaker, Static and System Shock all providing Stun, with Soul Triad and weapon customization allowing for increased Stun times.

Alberto's Body abilities, with the exception of Haymaker, are not overly powerful. However, they have relatively low cooldown times and are capable of inflicting status effects, primarily Stun, but Light Chi also provides Knockback and Knockdown. Weapon choice is important for Alberto, as Knife Knuckles fare better with groups of normal enemies (allowing for more frequent Haymakers), Stun Claws are better for bosses (extended Deadly Arts and Haymaker Stuns allow for a more solid damage/stun build) and Santiago Cesti use the Body Field Effect more for basic attacks, and is more effective for a damage/healing build.

Alberto's Mind abilities are geared almost entirely towards healing. Inner Strength boosts the power of all healing, and Light Magic is Alberto's go-to healing ability, providing high value during the Mind Field Effect and Inner Strength while leaving an aura behind to heal in a sizeable area for a short time. Alberto's Revive is one of two abilities that can bring allies back to life mid-combat without waiting on the auto-revive timer (the other being Cherry's Phantom Break). Elixir is a heal-all ability that can heavier influence towards the Mind Field Effect than other abilities and can also remove good chunks of time of all allies' cooldowns.

Counter is another of Alberto's Mind abilities, and it requires some considerable attention. It has no cooldown, only requiring the Alberto be hit to use. Assuming Alberto's high Defense stat is built up and he has access to healing, his taking hits and Countering is a good and fast way to force the Mind Field Effect, and if done very frequently, does some of the most solid damage Alberto can output. His Beast Claws weapon allows him to get his healing abilities off of cooldown faster, while Seraphim Nails simply makes Counter more powerful. Regardless of what is chosen, Alberto is one of the best characters (if not the best) for quickly forcing the Mind Field Effect.

Alberto's Wind Siphon ability set contains some of his best Stunning abilities, as well as some of his more solid damage tools. Static and System Shock can both Stun for long periods of time, and have overall low cooldowns once fully enhanced. System Shock, in particular, covers a massive area for Stun. Planet Destroyer is one of his best damage tools, especially once Radiation is learned, as this passive causes the beam do consistently higher rapid damage, though if the beam is off that foe for even a split second, the damage boosts are reset, making picking a primary target important. Thunder Storm fires very powerful bolts at random over a large area, and this can not only be boosted in ferocity with the Wind Siphon Field Effect when Mega Storm is learned, but the Stormbuild passive allows Static to create additional Thunder Storms, too. Photon Ray, while doing poor damage, has a very low cooldown of 5 seconds, helping to force the Wind Siphon Field Effect for bigger Thunder Storms.

Alberto not only fares well with specialization, but with mixed builds, as well. With Body providing melee damage and Stun, Mind with healing and Wind Siphon for ranged damage and Stun, Alberto can have whichever abilities and whatever number the player wants with little worry, though as the best healer and stunner, it would be prudent to include at least a few of these in some capacity.


Although he has some good and reliable damage dealing tools in the form of Haymaker and Planet Destroyer, Alberto's damage output is nearly as bad as Cherry's, especially when Inner Strength is used to enhance his healing. Of all the elemental Siphon abilities, Thunder Storm is probably the most damaging overall. However, this would only be true if every bolt struck a target, and the bolt positioning is random and erratic, making them hard to land even with multiple Thunder Storms out. Due to this, Alberto should not be treated as a primary damage dealer in any way, even if he has a few strong options for doing so.


-Alberto's playstyle in the original The Demon Rush was primarily high defense and poor offense. Though he could have his stats altered to become a stronger magic user by focusing more on his Magic stat (to boost magic damage and healing for his low MP cost abilities), he was pretty well the worst overall physical attacker. The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt, in its need to have balance between Body, Mind and Siphon ability sets for all characters, have given Alberto some physical and melee prowess on the battlefield.

-With the removal of the Sword/Knuckles/Gun weapon types that all characters could use from the original The Demon Rush, many of the Knuckles type weapons (specifically Knife Knuckles, Magma Knuckles and Gigas Fist) were given to Alberto whose unique weapon type in the original game was "Claw" (like Cherry, this was Alberto's way of gaining his own exclusive punching weapons). The only new Knuckles/Claw weapon to Legends Corrupt is the Gachduine reference weapon, Santiago Cesti.

-Ignoring Pushback and Knockdown (which every character gets), Alberto's new abilities not originating from the original The Demon Rush are Light Chi and Haymaker, mainly due to his lack of physical abilities in the original The Demon Rush.