Character Guides - Tara - Weapons - May 30, 2020

Silver Axe

Like all default weapons, when maxed out, provides an Attack stat boost of 50% (in Tara's case, at max Attack stats, going from 40 to 60). Useful if no particular character build satisfies conditions for other weapons.

Executioner Axe

Executioner Axe at max level provides Heart Attack, Kill Chop and Hatchetwirl with Knockdown with an above-normal infliction time of 3.5 seconds. Invaluable for Body Field Effect builds.

Golem Axe

Boosts the damage of Tara's damage-dealing Earth Siphon abilities, which include Mindcloud/Mindbreak, Chasm and Earthquake. Very useful for Earth Field Effect builds.


Boosts Tara's Combat Movement. Useful in combination with Cleatqueen/High Velocity or for just general combat and getting to enemy reinforcements faster (due to Tara's mainly close-range moveset).

Volcano Hatchet

Tara's Elemental Weapon, protecting her from and influencing the Fire Field Effect. This will really only be used on a Fire Field Effect team build with Cook or Jimmy, where Tara is playing Field Effect influencer for them, and if Tara's presence feels more useful for your particular team build than Alberto's healing and stunning.

Restrict Axe

Tara's Backhand and Skill Strike add Mindcloud's Cooldown Add to their attacks. This is very useful if Tara's role in the party is meant to be primarily that of an ability disabler.

Ceres Cleaver

At max level, Ceres Cleaver adds an extra 10% Instant Death Threshold to her Instant Death abilities -- this means up to 25% for Path to Hell, 50% for Decapitate (during Mind Field Effect) and 80% for Styxpath Chasm. Very useful if Tara's purpose in a party is primarily for Instant Death.

Morrison Maul

At max level, Tara's basic attacks deal 4x damage during the Mind Field Effect, allowing her to deal solid damage during the Mind Field Effect's damage reduction, and is useful for relying on her basic attacks more especially due to her high overall cooldowns.