Character Guides - Tara - General - May 30, 2020


Notable traits/roles

Damage dealer, Instant Death, Cooldown Add, self-buffer

Max stats

HP - 200

Attack - 40 (60 with max level Silver Axe)

Defense - 0%

Combat Movement - 0%


Tara brings high damage alongside solid HP and her defense-boosting Skill Strike, making for a character who can wade into the fray, dealing damage and taking it well. Her high Instant Death thresholds, from more than one ability source, allow her to end battles very early, and her Cooldown Add capabilities (many of which do not require Augmentor investment) can cripple and limit an enemy's abilities in combat, which in one sense means preventing enemies from inflicting status ailments on your party as frequently. Tara also can mix and match her Body and Mind abilities quite well, regardless of which of the two Field Effects a team build might aim for.


Tara is very much a selfish damage dealer, bringing little as far as team support goes. A very large number of Tara's abilities lean towards close-range/single target only, as she has no projectiles and only a couple of entire-battlefield options. Her cooldowns are on the high end overall, and with no healing and her Earth Field Effect build needing others to set the Field Effect for her, Tara can be overly reliant on her team, despite her self-buffing capabilities and her general comfort in melee combat.