Character Guides - Alberto - Onslaught/Conquest/Heist preset - May 30, 2020


Deadly Arts

Thunder Storm

System Shock


Heaven's Wrath - After some wind-up, Alberto heals himself for 20 HP and is invincible while he fires out 8 powerful bolts that each deal Attack x 5 damage and 4 seconds of Stun.

Alberto's Onslaught/Conquest/Heist preset is very Stun focused, as he relies on his wide-area System Shock's Stun to land attacks safely and reliably on enemies with Deadly Arts and basic attacks while building a lot of Extreme for his powerful and relatively safe Heaven's Wrath. Thunder Storm's random bolts deal solid damage, as well.

Alberto is so reliant on Stun that he has little options otherwise. He has some Defense stat, but not enough to deal with heavy assaults. His Heaven's Wrath might be invincible, but only after its slow startup, which needs planning to trigger. His Thunder Storm also needs some forethought, and its random bolt placement is not reliable.

When playing Alberto, always aim for a System Shock -> Deadly Arts combo against enemies grouped up together. If they aren't grouped, position yourself so they end up that way. Thunder Storm may be random, but when used effectively it can pull off a miracle -- move a little inward after triggering for better accuracy. If possible, try and leave a close-by enemy alive from Heaven's Wrath's final bolts -- Alberto can immediately move in and use his basic attacks to build Extreme off of the long Stun, saving his abilities for another time.