Character Guides - Alberto - Weapons - May 30, 2020


Like all default weapons, when maxed out, provides an Attack stat boost of 50% (in Alberto's case, at max Attack stats, going from 20 to 30). Useful if no particular character build satisfies conditions for other weapons.

Beast Claws

When Alberto uses Counter with Beast Claws at max level, all of his Mind abilities' active cooldowns are reduced by 2.5 seconds on triggering Counter. Great for healing builds and triggering healing abilities more frequently (as it helps make up for the damage suffered to trigger Counter).

Magma Knuckles

Alberto's Elemental Weapon, protecting him from and influencing the Fire Field Effect. This will really only be used on a Fire Field Effect team build with Cook or Jimmy, where Alberto is playing Field Effect influencer for them, while supporting with healing and Stun (if enemies can't move, Alberto's basic attacks to influence the Fire Field Effect land easier).

Stun Claws

Adds Stun to Alberto's damage dealing Body abilities, which are Deadly Arts and Haymaker (Light Chi overrides Stun with Knockback). Since both Deadly Arts and Haymaker can gain passives to apply Stun, the Stun Claws are useful for extending the length of these Stun passives, since Stun Claws' Nerve Slicer stacks with those passives. Very useful for Body Field Effect builds.

Knife Knuckles

At max level with Knife Knuckles, if Alberto lands the finishing blow on an enemy, all of his Body abilities loses 10 seconds of off their current active cooldowns. Very useful for dealing with normal enemies, as Alberto can use Deadly Arts in particular with very high frequency, but not useful for single boss enemies.

Gigas Fists

Boosts the damage of Alberto's damage-dealing Wind Siphon abilities, which include Photon Ray, Static/Spark, Planet Destroyer and Thunder Storm. Very useful for Wind Field Effect builds.

Seraphim Nails

Boosts the power of Alberto's Counter. Useful if relying on Alberto's Counter frequently, as with its Soul Triad tree passive, it can reach a damage level as high as Attack x 10. Also good for Mind Field Effect builds, if relying on Alberto to maintain and influence with Counter.

Santiago Cesti

At max level, Santiago Cesti grants Alberto's basic attacks 4x damage during the Body Field Effect, making it another useful Body Field Effect weapon.