Character Guides - Alberto - General - May 30, 2020


Notable traits/roles

Healing, Stun, Field Effect influencer/maintainer

Max stats

HP - 100

Attack - 20 (30 with max level Claws)

Defense - 50%

Combat Movement - 0%


Alberto has a number of powerful options for both healing (Light Magic, Inner Strength, Revive, Elixir) and Stun (Deadly Arts, Haymaker, Static, System Shock), as well as abilities that can enhance Stun time, deal more damage to Stunned enemies or take advantage of Stunned enemies. Alberto also has good influence and maintainance for many Field Effects, including Body (Pushback, Light Chi), Mind (Counter, Light Magic, Elixir), Fire (Magma Knuckles) and Wind (Photon Ray, Static), so he works on many team builds that require a Field Effect.


While Alberto has decent damage and cooldowns for his offensive abilities, a number of them have hang-ups -- notably either requiring Stun to deal more damage, needing Alberto to take damage to trigger (Counter) or not hitting reliably (such as Thunder Storm's random bolt positions). If prioritizing his Stun abilities, Alberto also has a bit of a rough time with teams that rely on inflicting Knockdown or Knockback, as both of those status ailments override his long Stun, which he needs in many cases for better offense.