Character Guides - Knight - Onslaught/Conquest/Heist preset - May 30, 2020


Power Drive

Energy Flow



Absolute Zero - Knight places 16 sets of Deep Freeze ice spikes around himself that eack deal Attack x 3 damage, Poison and Blind to any enemies that touch them. Knight can still gain Extreme while Absolute Zero ice spikes are present.

Knight's Onslaught/Conquest/Heist preset gives him great offensive power, due to the area damage of Power Drive/Absolute Zero and the all-enemy range of Energy Flow and Unexplained. He gains greater Extreme when attacking enemies that are affected by Poison (Energy Flow, Absolute Zero) and/or Blind (Absolute Zero).

Where Knight falls short is his slow basic attacks/Power Drive and his need for the enemy to attack with Unexplained, all of which need planning to use effectively without missing or taking damage. Energy Flow also needs to be used up close so Knight can gain more Extreme from hitting Poisoned enemies. Knight also needs to keep a very aggressive playstyle going at all times with little regards to his own safety, despite his poor defense -- when he uses Absolute Zero, any enemies suffering from status ailments need to be attacked immediately so Knight can prepare faster for his next Absolute Zero.

When playing Knight, it is important to know when to time his attacks and when to combine them together. Getting the proper distance in for basic attacks, Power Drive and Unexplained (with Unexplained being used primarily to finish off low HP enemies) while combining it with Energy Flow for higher Extreme gains takes some practice, but when the timings and combinations are used properly, Knight can deal massive damage to many enemies very quickly and keep his high-damage, high-area, status-inflicting Extreme coming frequently.