Character Guides - Knight - Sample Builds - May 30, 2020

Body Field Effect

Role - Damage, Stagger/Stun and Body Field Effect influence/maintainance

Required Soul Triad trees to invest in - Power Drive, Nightslash

Optional Soul Triad trees to invest in - Death-Defying, Metastrike

Weapon - Force Spear, Sightless or Ragnarok

During the Body Field Effect, Knight is best used for his large-area damage, Stagger/Stun and either his low cooldowns for Body Field Effect influence/maintainance (Ragnarok), better survivability with Defiance and defense for his allies (Force Spear) or constant Blind infliction (Sightless).

Death-Defying is noted as an optional ability despite it being Mind type. This is due to its solid damage output and its Soul Triad tree containing Defiance's passives for more damage.

Ability disabling

Role - Status ailments and projectile damage

Required Soul Triad trees to invest in - Energy Flow, Moonlight, Unexplained

Optional Soul Triad trees to invest in - Any

Weapon - Naginata, Stone Sickle or Sightless

This build is meant to focus more on Knight's status ailments (notably Poison, Blind, Cooldown Add and Knockback) and projectiles. It is simpler, safer and more straightforward than a lot of his other builds -- use Energy Flow, Dark Shot and Unexplained from a distance and keep the Blind/Cooldown Add combos going with Moonlight/Energy Flow to keep enemy ability usage down.

Weapon choice offers variety with this build -- Naginata focus for higher ranged damage, Stone Sickle for Earth Field Effect team builds (while bringing status ailments) and Sightless to take advantage of the extended Blind Duration from Moonlight's tree.

Water Siphon Field Effect

Role - Large area burst damage dealer

Required Soul Triad trees to invest in - Deep Freeze, Fumarole

Optional Soul Triad trees to invest in - Unexplained

Weapon - Devastator or Force Spear

This is simply a matter of using Deep Freeze followed by Fumarole for massive burst damage to a very large area. Devastator brings a flat 2x damage boost to Deep Freeze/Fumarole combo, Dark Shot and Unexplained, while Force Spear can let Defiance be used for higher burst damage (the 30 second cooldowns of Deep Freeze and Fumarole allow Defiance to fit in smoothly) with added defense bonuses for nearby allies.

This same build can also be used for a niche with Fire Field Effect team builds -- powering up Fumarole more than Deep Freeze, though both can be combined effectively in the same manner here (boosting Fumarole's damage output at the cost of Deep Freeze ice spike sets). Despite issues with this scenario (Knight takes damage from Field Effect fires and Fumarole/Volcano shifts out towards Water Field Effect very heavily), this can still be good for Knight to take advantage of the great team defensive abilities of Cook/Jimmy/Alberto (Alberto mentioned for his Magma Knuckles weapon).


Role - High damage/high speed basic attacks

Required Soul Triad trees to invest in - Metastrike

Optional Soul Triad trees to invest in - Moonlight, Death-Defying

Weapon - Exorcist Sickle

This build is straightforward -- use Metastrike, preferably during the Mind Field Effect for its lower cooldowns, combined with the Exorcist Sickle for large damage.

The Moonlight and Death-Defying trees are mentioned as optional due to their removal of Defiance/Sustained Faith's Defense debuffs during the Mind Field Effect, allowing Knight to deal more basic attack damage safely.