Character Guides - Knight - Weapons - May 30, 2020


Like all default weapons, when maxed out, provides an Attack stat boost of 50% (in Knight's case, at max Attack stats, going from 40 to 60). Useful if no particular character build satisfies conditions for other weapons.


Boosts the damage of Knight's damage-dealing Water Siphon abilities, which include Dark Shot, Monster Bubble/Drown, Unexplained, Deep Freeze and Fumarole. Typically a go-to when using Knight's powerful Deep Freeze/Fumarole combo.


Adds Dark Pulse to Knight's Dark Shot, giving it very high damage output to an area for a projectile of its cooldown. Invaluable for ranged builds that make heavy use of Dark Shot.

Force Spear

Knight's Force Spear weapon is pretty well the only defensive option he has, but it can be used offensively. At max level, when either Defiance or Sustained Faith is active, he gains Defense + 100% (to counter the aforementioned abilities' Defense debuffs) and provides Defense + 50% to nearby allies. The cancelling of the Defense debuff of Defiance and Sustained Faith lets him deal up to 3x damage or cut all of his ability cooldowns with Faith Rewarded with no consequence, making it useful for any build. Be aware, that while BOTH Defiance and Sustained Faith are active, Knight suffers Defense - 100% still (as opposed to Defense - 200%).

Stone Sickle

Knight's Elemental Weapon, protecting him from and influencing the Earth Field Effect. This will really only be used on a Earth Field Effect team build with Tara, Pound or Brooks, where Knight is playing little more than Field Effect influencer for them (and Knight's status ailments or other abilities feel more valuable than Cook's Boulder).


All of Knight's Body abilities inflict Blind. This is typically most useful for a Body/Mind mix, as combining Energy Flow's Cooldown Add with Blind's prevention of using enemy abilities while active keeps the enemies from using no more than normal attacks (good for stopping the enemy from altering the Field Effect, among other things).


All of Knight's Body abilities automatically have up to 5 seconds cut off of their cooldowns. Practically a necessity for most Body builds, for more frequent damage and Body Field Effect influence/maintainance.

Exorcist Sickle

At max level, grants Knight 3x damage to his basic attacks when attacking from behind. Synergizes very well with Metastrike/Lasting Meta, which boosts his basic attack damage and speed further and smoothing over two of Knight's weaknesses -- overriding his slow basic attacks and giving him more power between his high cooldowns.