Character Guides - Cherry - Onslaught/Conquest/Heist preset - May 30, 2020


Hyper Blade

Line Overdrive



Skysunder - Cherry becomes invincible and deals out high damage slashes that place 4 Tornados onto the battlefield. Cherry cannot gain Extreme while Tornados created by Skysunder are in play.

Cherry has a very defensive build for Onslaught/Conquest/Heist, with Hyper Blade, Line Overdrive and Skysunder all having invincibility, and Tornado and Skysunder all applying Tornados to act as defensive zones for Cherry to hide in and Block Heal.

Cherry's poor offense is unfortunately present in these modes, and she relies on all of her abilities to deal damage. Her Extreme gains are not particularly high, but a well-positioned Hyper Blade against multiple enemies will heavily boost her Extreme if multiple hits land. Cherry's ability cooldowns are also not overly high, especially Hyper Blade, so taking shelter in Tornado/Skysunder zones is often needed with Cherry.

Take care not to use abilities while Skysunder Tornados are out, as she does not gain Extreme while they are active, and Cherry needs her abilities to build Extreme quickly for another Skysunder -- the more Skysunders Cherry can use in a short time, the more she overrides her weakness of a poor offense.