Character Guides - Cherry - General - May 30, 2020


Notable traits/roles

Invincibility, damage mitigation, healing/revival, Attack debuff, Knockback

Max stats

HP - 200 (300 with max level Waller Longsword)

Attack - 20 (30 with max level Steel Sabre)

Defense - 50%

Combat Movement - 0%


When it comes to reducing damage, Cherry has it in many forms -- invincibility on a number of her abilities for herself (Hyper Blade, Cutthrough, Line Overdrive, Bladecopter, Stand Ground) or for others (Phantom Break, as well as Cover while dodging). Her Fortify, Cutthrough and Dark Energy all reduce enemy Attack stat to protect other party members, and even if they do get hurt, she can heal and/or revive them with Power Surge and Phantom Break. She has a few forms of Knockback with Pushback (very long distance Knockback), Violent Gust (can hit low cooldown with high damage) and Tornado (persistent area Knockback).


In sharp contrast to her defensive options, Cherry has probably the poorest overall offensive options of the whole cast. While all offensive characters can get some form of defense and defense-focused characters have offensive setups, of which Cherry is no exception, even her higher-damage setups have notable hang-ups -- Bladecopter requires both precision and enemies to die from the previous Bladecopter, and her Violent Gust needs Wind Siphon support with 4 Tornados out at once, meaning that even if the Wind Field Effect is maintained, Cherry will drop in offensive power when her Tornados' durations end.