Character Guides - General - May 30, 2020

Many of the dev blog pages that follow this page consist of character guides that will focus on an overall summary of a character, their abilities, their weapons and their Onslaught/Conquest/Heist preset. The character guides, when mentioning ability traits, assume the player has learned all related passives for an active ability when its capabilities are described.

If it looks like the information here conflicts with information from older dev blog pages, that's likely because it does. A lot of balance changes have been made, with this massive dev blog update consisting of information with those changes -- any information mentioned in this update takes priority over older pages. The last page of this massive dev blog update lists the balance changes applied since the updates before this.

In terms of how these abilities have had their final balancing done to them, the following considerations and tests have been undertaken:

Each ability needed to have some significance - Even if an ability could not stand on its own, it had to at least have some ease of obtaining (no Augmentors), some valuable standalone passives in its Soul Triad tree, or could be stronger in combination with another ability. For an example of abilities that are stronger in combination with others, Alberto's Inner Strength (with its passives learned), which is an ability that boosts the power of healing abilities, removes Light Magic's cooldown on trigger (his main healing ability) and if the Mind Field Effect is active, powers up his Photon Ray ability by 6x damage while giving it zero cooldown.

Story Mode's late-game Challenges - As far as team builds go for Story Mode/Endless Dungeon, the late-game Challenges of Story Mode were difficult enough and varied enough to test a large number of different team builds, and balancing for abilities was based off the many team builds tested here.

No Soul Triad/level 1 default weapons only playthrough for Story Mode - NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PLAYERS DUE TO ITS EXTREME DIFFICULTY AND BATTLE LENGTHS IN THE SECOND HALF. Was only part of the testing process to confirm that Story Mode could be completed regardless of character customization. This particular test did not include the late-game Challenges.

Legend Onslaught - Character abilities and presets were balanced around ensuring that each character could get a score of at least 30 in Legend Onslaught.