Don't Underestimate - Elemental Weapons - May 30, 2020

Elemental Weapons are a type of weapon that provides a passive that does 2 things -- protects the wielder from a specific Field Effect and causes their basic attacks (plus Far Shot for Cook) to influence the Field Effect towards the Siphon Field Effect of the weapon's element.

Their usage is typically to provide a team with incredible influencer/maintainer support for a particular elemental Field Effect, as basic attacks apply faster than cooldowns. To get the most out of an elemental Weapon, it DOES need to be maxed out at Level 10, as higher levels of the ability provide greater influence.

Each character has access to an elemental Weapon that affects a specific Field Effect, and they are as follows:

Fire Elemental

Alberto - Magma Knuckles

Tara - Volcano Hatchet

Water Elemental

Cherry - Ice Brand

Pound - Volcano Hatchet

Wind Elemental

Claire - Zephyr

Jimmy - Hurricane

Brooks - Rail Gun

Earth Elemental

Knight - Stone Sickle

Cook - Boulder