Don't Underestimate - Knockdown - May 30, 2020

Knockdown is a Body type ability that simply inflicts Knockdown, which incapaitates an enemy for 2 seconds while taking 50% more damage. An enemy or character cannot be knocked down again until they have been up again for 3 seconds. It is also an ability that all 9 characters start with in Story Mode and Endless Dungeon.

Knockdown's cooldown lasts 15 seconds (except for Claire, who can reduce its cooldown to can reduce it down to 5 seconds in her Soul Triad, and Knight whose Ragnarok weapon can reduce it to 10 seconds), and is invaluable as a damage debuff and stopping the enemy from fighting back in both the early game and for a Story Mode "no Soul Triad/level 1 default Weapons only" challenge.