What to expect from each mode - May 30, 2020

As The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt has many different modes of play, it would be best if they had light summaries as to what can be expected gameplay-wise:

Story Mode - Focuses mainly on story and action RPG elements, while providing side areas to explore that contain Weapons and Augmentors, as well as Legend Difficulty Challenges in the late-game. Characters are customized through both the Soul Triad and Weapons systems. The player can often select their party members, though story points may have fixed parties or not have some characters available for selection.

Endless Dungeon Mode - Focuses mainly on dungeon crawling with a party of any 3 of the 9 playable characters, and these characters are customized through the Soul Triad and Weapons systems. Enemies get stronger as the player progresses through each level, and timed events can appear to bring positive or negative effects to a dungeon level. Weapons, Augmentors, Soul Triad Points and Mez (money) can be found throughout dungeons levels.

Onslaught Mode - Focuses mainly on fast-paced action combat using 1 of the 9 playable characters. The chosen character has access to their preset abilities and Extreme. On Legend Difficulty, the action and pacing is increased moreso with the addition of cars that drive through the arena and deal massive damage to player and enemy.

Conquest Mode - Focuses on light strategy elements to conquer a world map and taking recruitable monsters into action combat with the player to take over territory. The player will be able to use these recruitable monsters not just for combat, but to guard their own territory from enemy hordes and send these monsters on missions for more Mez (money) to fund more recruits and monster level-ups. The player chooses 1 of the 9 playable characters as their commander, and the chosen character has access to their preset abilities and Extreme.

Heist Mode - Focuses on light strategy and stealth elements with action combat to enter an enemy building, steal their Artifact and make it to the Goal by escaping the building, getting past large swarms of guards to the east and crossing traffic-filled roads and Shadow-filled forests. All 9 playable characters are used in each Heist, and are divided into 3 Teams of 3 -- Ground Team, Recon Team and Getaway Team. Each character will provide a unique ability to their Team depending on what Team they are assigned to, and the Artifact (randomly 1 of 7 types) can also provide a unique ability. All of the characters have their preset abilities, but no Extreme.