Heist - Brooks' Ability Set - May 30, 2020

Ground - Sniper Shot

Instantly kills enemy squad in line of sight (with walls, doors and enemies being a factor) in one of the 4 cardinal directions of the player's choice. Can be used 3 times per Heist.

Useful for clearing out an enemy that will be absolute trouble, such as an enemy in an area that needs passing through, but his seeing your Team could alert a whole swarm of other guards that can see him. Only 3 Sniper Shots are available per Heist, and though Brooks does not supply any bonuses in combat for the Ground Team, careful picking and choosing of targets can reduce a lot of combat for the Ground Team.

Recon - Team Dad

If Ground Team or Getaway Team are in combat and have 1 or more lost turns, that team gains Attack + 10 and Defense + 25% for that battle.

Typically only useful for Legend Difficulty, due to the increased number of enemies and their more relentless nature. When things get rough, and the Ground or Getaway Team ends up missing a turn, Brooks on Recon can make swarms of guards attacking a vulnerable Team have an easier time in combat.

Getaway - Wormhole

If Getaway Team is 2 spaces or less from another Team with the Artifact, the Artifact is transferred to the Getaway Team. When the Getaway Team uses Wormhole to obtain the Artifact, a Black Hole is summoned for the Getaway Team at the start of battles. Can only be used once Artifact is obtained.

A good balanced Getaway ability for getting the Artifact outside quicker. Unlike Tara's Moleman Strategem, which weakens the Getaway Team, or Jimmy's Demolition Crew, which is meant to aid the Ground Team and has additional spawns, Wormhole is more suitable for having the Getaway Team get the Artifact to the exit, especially since they gain a small offensive boost with a free Black Hole at combat's start.