Heist - Jimmy's Ability Set - May 30, 2020

Ground - Parkour

Ground Team gains Combat Movement + 100%.

While it is always nice to be able to close in faster and dodge farther, open field areas benefit greatly from Parkour, as they are very large arenas and closing in on Force Fighters faster has less chance of a battle taking too long and going past a turn.

Recon - Tracker

Enemies' last 7 movements show up as red tiles, with the more recent movements being more solid in appearance. Ground Team and Getaway Team each get Attack + 5 when in combat outside the building.

Being able to see where an enemy has been recently allows for more confident movements through areas. The Attack boost while outside helps make the second half of a Heist go smoother, since after leaving the building, all battles are outside for that Team.

Getaway - Demolition Crew

Destroys wall of 1 thickness that connects from outside to inside the building, providing a way for the Ground Team to escape. Causes enemies to spawn from every enemy door. Can be used once per Heist.

Used for destroying a wall on the south side of the building to provide an easy escape for the Ground Team. Enemies will spawn on using Demolition Crew, but timing it for when another Team grabs the Artifact (which causes enemies to spawn) will prevent Demolition Crew's additional spawn, as enemies cannot spawn on tiles that have another enemy in its place.