Heist - Claire's Ability Set - May 30, 2020

Ground - Infiltration

Disguise as an enemy Force Fighter for 3 turns, causing all enemies to ignore the Ground Team and for them to stop chasing the Ground Team, but combat can still be initiated. Can be used 3 times per Heist.

The quintessential stealth ability, getting to be ignored by all enemy squads and having them stop chasing the Ground Team for 3 turns, 3 times per Heist, is hugely powerful. However, because it can ONLY be used 3 times per Heist, careful determination as to when to use Infiltration is important. The early stage of the building before the Artifact is taken has less guards and likely does not need Infiltration, and the right Recon and Getaway Team compositions can help make an easier escape from the building, letting Infiltration be saved for the final parts of the Heist.

Recon - Expert Scout

All Teams have an extra 3 sight range for fog of war.

Being able to see much farther is always useful for seeing what a Team may be walking into. Combined with Cherry and Tara on Recon, Cherry's Reckless Command can be used more deliberately, as the player will be able to better see when they will be close enough to alert guards from noisy movement.

Getaway - Sprinkler Malfunction

The entire interior of the building has water begining to flood. This causes pools of water that belong to the player to appear when in combat. Controlled Blaze will override Sprinkler Malfunction's effect on a fire tile. Can only be used once Artifact is obtained.

Essentially causes all tiles inside the building (except those with Cook's Controlled Blaze) to have a player-owned Water Field Effect in battle. Can be useful for clearing battles faster due to the extra damage from Knockdown.

As a side note, you have to wonder why the building has sprinklers that don't put out fires and cause their own guards to slip and fall.