Heist - Cook's Ability Set - May 30, 2020

Ground - Veteran Soldier

Every 10 seconds in combat, Ground Team gains Attack + 1 and Defense + 5%, up to Attack + 10 and Defense + 50% max.

The gradual gain of Attack and Defense is useful especially for Legend Difficulty, where battles can take longer. With Alberto on Recon to prevent turn loss, Cook can make his already high stats even higher, and the Ground Team can be a force to be reckoned with in long battles.

Recon - Ocular Data Stream

See the location and type of Artifact, as well as how many turns remain for enemies to spawn from an enemy door.

There are not many ways to cheese Heist Mode, as a lot of random factors are locked in when a Heist begins. However, being able to see what Artifact is present right away essentially allows the player to pick what Artifact they are stealing (by restarting until they get the Artifact they want). Since Cook is not needed on Recon once the Artifact type and location is determined (unless the player wants to monitor enemy spawn times), with the right Team setups, Cook can leave the Recon Site and function as a third combat Team, using his high stats to fight enemies effectively.

Getaway - Controlled Blaze

Up to 16 fires are started inside the building. Enemies that walk onto a tile with fire on it will lose 3 of its members (or die off if 3 or less). If combat is triggered on a fire tile, fires belonging to the player will appear. Can only be used once Artifact is obtained.

Though the tiles inside the building that have fire set to them are random, good placement of them and positioning of the player can cause enemy squads inside the building to have reduced numbers or even die before reaching the player. The Fire Field Effect wholly on the player's side is a nice small bonus for combat on a fire tile.