Heist - Pound's Ability Set - May 30, 2020

Ground - Efficient Combat

All cooldowns for Ground Team reduced by 5 seconds (except Cook's Far Shot).

Very useful for more frequent ability usage, especially when combined with Tara on Recon. Characters with low cooldowns can use many of their abilities with incredibly frequency.

Recon - Inferred Mapping

See the entire building's interior shape through fog of war. Ground Team and Getaway Team each get Attack + 5 when in combat inside the building.

Useful only for the building, mainly for the attack boost. Pound is best placed on Recon if the Team with the Artifact plans on conserving Infiltration/Sniper Shot/Artifact uses for the eastern area outside the building by fighting mainly inside the building.

Getaway - Nature's Buddy

Shadow Hordes in forests are greatly reduced. Always active when Pound is on Getaway Team.

Since Shadow Horde positions in forests are random, this may not sound very useful on the surface. However, in the final stretch of forests and roads, it is often better to fight on roads than forest (to utilize cars for extra damage to the enemy), and this makes fighting on roads while advancing much easier. Can also be useful for getaways that involve crossing through the southern forests, as the forests have a higher chance of clearing faster with Pound on Getaway.