Combat - Abilities - October 14, 2018

While the original The Demon Rush had magic points/MP for using abilities, The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt has abilities with cooldown (similar to Dragooned's style of abilities and cooldown).

In Story Mode and Endless Dungeon Mode, each character begins with 6 abilities (2 each of Body, Mind and Siphon) and is capable of learning up to 15 abilities. Each character has Pushback and Knockdown as 2 of their 15 abilities, but the remaining 13 differ to varying degrees (and will be covered through their individual character pages). These abilities can be enhanced with Passive Abilities through the Soul Triad system and weapons, and while damage/healing boosts and cooldown reductions are among them, there are Passive Abilities that greatly enhance the way these abilities can be utilized.

Each character's 15 abilities can be divided into 3 sets of 5 abilities, one set being for Body abilities, one set for Mind and the last for Siphon of their element (i.e. Knight is Water Elemental, so he would have Water Siphon). Using abilities that belong to a particular set will (except in rare specific cases) influence the Field Effect (using Mind abilities will influence the Field Effect towards Mind; using Fire Siphon will influence the Field Effect towards Siphon, or if it is already at Siphon, will influence towards Fire over Water, Wind and Earth).

Though each character differs in their available abilities and these are just guidelines, the following ability types and what to expect are as follows:

-Body abilities typically lean towards high damage attacks

-Mind abilities typically lean towards buffs

-Siphon abilities typically lean towards wide-area environmental attacks, with setups often more advanced than Body and Mind (and often more demanding of not always just the individual, but sometimes the team).

In Onslaught Mode and the potential "fourth mode", 3 abilities and an Extreme are available to each character.