Heist - Tara's Ability Set - May 30, 2020

Ground - Spartan Sense

Ground Team gains Attack + 10.

A very powerful buff that makes enemies fall much quicker. Can be very useful for Legend Difficulty, which needs that extra time to take down more guards than normal.

Recon - Mind's Eye

Enemies can be seen through walls by all Teams. Ground Team or Getaway Team have all cooldowns (except Cook's Far Shot) reduced by 3 seconds each.

Typically more useful in the building to see if a guard is coming around a corner or through a corridor, and combines well with Claire on Recon to boost the player's sight range of the map while ignoring walls. Outside of that, the cooldown reduction is useful for most characters with low to average cooldowns, though Cook may not get much out of it (as his cooldowns are so high it makes little difference to him).

Getaway - Moleman Strategem

Getaway Team moves through wall of 1 thickness of south side of building only. Can be used once per turn if destination not blocked, but Getaway Team ends up suffering Attack - 10 and Defense - 100% for the remainder of the Heist if they are carrying the Artifact and used Moleman Strategem at any point during the Heist.

Though this can be used for the Getaway Team to grab the Artifact and make a very quick in-and-out (pretty well the quickest overall enter-and-exit) due to bypassing most of the building, unless a plan is made around a certain Artifact or tight Team setups, the lower Attack and Defense will make for a more brutal remainder of the getaway. Typically Moleman Strategem is used for the Getaway Team to run interference for the Ground Team to escape with the Artifact by serving as a distraction and using the south wall as a revolving door to dodge enemy squads.