Heist - Alberto's Ability Set - May 30, 2020

Ground - Heart of Gold

Heal living Ground Team members 10 HP every 10 seconds.

A useful defensive ability that can provide extra survivability in a pinch. Lets the player keep fighting without needing to back away and Block Heal if things get rough, keeping battles clearing quickly.

Recon - Sort-of Constructive Criticism

If Ground Team or Getaway Team would have lost a turn from a battle going on for too long the actual added number of turns lost is (Turns Lost From That Battle - 1).

Can be very useful in Legend Difficulty, where the larger Force Fighter squads have a higher chance of going into overtime and causing a Team to lose a turn. Not quite as useful for Normal Difficulty, though.

Getaway - Breaker Short

Power goes out to the building, reducing the sight range of all enemies inside the building to 1 and, if no Team is currently in sight, they lose track of the Team they were chasing. Can only be used once Artifact is obtained.

Though it only applies to the building, this can be very useful in allowing the Team with the Artifact to get all guards in the building to stop chasing them. Since grabbing the Artifact causes all Force Fighter squads in the building to target whoever grabbed the Artifact, this can nullify that. Reduced sight range for all guards not only means guards have less of a chance to see your Teams, but it also means that if they are spotted, there will be less extra squads added to the chase (as lower sight range will prevent guards from seeing other guards on the chase).