Heist - Knight's Ability Set - May 30, 2020

Ground - Disgraced Past

Back attacks for Ground Team's basic attacks deal 2x damage.

Double damage is a massive attack boost that cannot be ignored, though it does require flanking targets going after other party members to trigger more reliably.

Recon - Unyielding Faith

25% of enemies will not see or hear the Ground Team and Getaway Team. These enemies are marked with a blue icon. If Recon is not available, the mark will appear darkened. Combat with these enemies will still initiate on contact.

Though only one quarter of all enemies in play will be affected by Unyielding Faith, that is a more solid number than it first sounds, especially when it comes to enemies completely ignoring 2 of 3 Teams. Used effectively, these clueless squads can be used as roadblocks for enemy squads that have actually sighted your team and are trying to attack them.

Getaway - Slippery Bunch

The building is covered with icy floors. Teams that start their turn on the ice gain 3 extra moves that turn. Enemies slip and fall at the end of moving unless they initiate combat. Enemies are knocked down at start of combat if fallen. Can only be used once Artifact is obtained.

Functions a lot like Reckless Command, but without the noisy movement and is restricted to only the building. Though it is used primarily to escape, enemies that have slipped and fallen can be more easily picked off, since they will enter Knockdown at the start of combat if the player attacks them. Primarily used to help make a quicker Getaway back out the building's front door.