Heist - Cherry's Ability Set - May 30, 2020

Ground - Sky Corps Phalanx

Ground Team gains Defense + 25%.

Taking less damage is always very useful, as it lets the Ground Team keep fighting without having to back off and Block Heal if things turn bad.

Recon - Reckless Command

Needs to be activated each turn. Ground Team and Getaway Team gain 3 extra moves for that turn, but enemies will detect these teams up to 5 spaces away after walking, even through walls. Battle ends movement early.

A very useful way to move through a Heist quickly, going at essentially double movement every turn is hard to ignore for any team. Even the enemies can't ignore it -- when Reckless Command is active on a Team, enemies can detect your Team even through walls a good distance away, meaning the team that runs recklessly will also have a ton of Force Fighter squads hot on their trail. Claire's Infiltration (Ground Team ability) can nullify the negatives of Reckless Command for the Ground Team while active, and making use of other abilities that prevent a Team from being spotted (Knight's Recon ability) or causes enemies to stop chasing (Alberto's Getaway ability, the Grocery Store Detective Badge Artifact or Mattress King's Business Plans Artifact) can make Reckless Command be used with less consequences.

Getaway - Vehicle Aversion

When a party member is hit by a car in a battle on a road, the car turns towards a random enemy and a Tornado appears at the source of the collision. Triggers once per car. All Teams are immune to damage from cars. Always active when Cherry is on Getaway Team.

Vehicle Aversion is only useful in the final final parts of a Heist, as it is only triggered on road terrain which are found near the Goal. However, what makes Vehicle Aversion so useful is that it trivializes battles on the road for ANY Team. If the player has a whole ton of Force Fighter squads chasing them down just before the end, camping on the road and letting the many Cars and Tornados handle the enemies will clear through multiple squads VERY quickly.