Cars - May 30, 2020

Cars have been added as a mechanic to The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt -- though contrary to what some might expect, they are not for the player to drive, but are a hazard on Heist's road terrain and Legend Difficulty Onslaught.

A warning that cars will appear makes itself known by arrows showing the direction the car will be coming from and going, and then the car will barrel through the battlefield shortly after, dealing a very large 120 base damage to any ally or enemy that comes into contact with it.

Though cars can hurt enemies as well as allies, they are generally considered a hazard that is more dangerous overall to the player, and can even steal kills from the player in Legend Onslaught. In Heist, Cherry's Getaway ability "Vehicle Aversion" can turn it wholly positive, though, providing your party with immunity to cars and redirecting them towards enemies.