Story Mode - What to expect in terms of changes from the original - May 30, 2020

As the original The Demon Rush was basically just Story Mode, how will Legends Corrupt handle it compared to the original?

Way back when The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt was first announced on this site for Legends Corrupt's first dev blogs, expansion content was mentioned as going to be added to the base story, and it makes up a large part of Story Mode's content changes/additions.

Even the base story content has had scenes added and/or changed to it that were not there previously. Some of these changes (which range from new scenes, additions to older scenes and altered handling of scenes) involve preparation for the expansion content, while others were there to provide further depth to characters, plot points or the setting. From a gameplay standpoint, what characters are present or join at certain points have had changes made to them, and the final battles handle very differently from the original.

A couple of scenes were removed -- one was removed due to the removal of the character Barju and the minigame RopeRange; the scene, which introduced and focused on Barju and RopeRange went against the emphasis on parts of the setting. The RopeRange minigame itself had less importance next to The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt's many modes of play, and locking gameplay rewards (like Weapons and Augmentors) behind a minigame rather than combat and exploring did not feel right.

The second scene that was removed was a scene where the characters make a plan that seemed too risky for what the end result would be and felt out of place for what they were capable of. A shorter scene replaces it that finishes with a similar end result to the old scene.

Towns and dungeons were kept as similar as possible, though some changes were needed for transition to 3D, especially towns due to inns/shops not being needed based on the way combat and weapons are handled in Legends Corrupt.

As a final note for Story Mode changes, the world Earth has been renamed to Altair.