Update - Story Mode progress - September 28, 2019

It's time for another progress update on Story Mode. Since Q3 2019 is basically over at this point, it is pretty well a given that The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt will not be releasing in Q3 2019. Hopefully, a specific release date will be made known soon.

What has been completed since the last progress update on August 6?

Story Mode's cutscenes have begun and reached about 50% completion, for both assembly and testing (looking at both number of cutscenes and size of cutscenes). Part of why these cutscenes are taking longer are due to underestimation of how much time was needed to implement and test story content, even with all models and maps and their effects already prepared beforehand.

Another reason is that the additional content mentioned in the first Legends Corrupt dev blog stated that Story Mode content would be boosted by 20% compared to the original The Demon Rush -- it is actually closer to a 35% boost in size, when looking at number of cutscenes, size of cutscenes and gameplay content as metrics. That said, a rhythm for working on story cutscenes has been established, and work on them goes increasingly smoothly and quickly, but they will still need a good deal of time to assemble and test.

Further balancing has been implemented, and includes, among many other things, a dodge cancel mechanic for basic attacks, adding cooldown reduction for all allies and enemies when the Mind Field Effect is active (to make the Mind Field Effect stand out from being just a defense-up effect) and overall cooldown reductions across the board for all characters, allowing their special abilities to come into play more frequently. More details on these will be included at a later date, as writing up dev blog entries takes its share of time, and any new mechanical additions will require more detailed write-ups than can be provided at this point in time (likely closer to release, when development calms down).

Further testing of combat abilities and work on miscellaneous admin tasks has also taken its share of time during this period, as well.

Beyond this, a fifth gameplay mode (not referring to Tutorial mode) is being given serious consideration. Why consider this so late in development? It is more that this mode will allow for more variety in gameplay that separates it from Story Mode, Endless Dungeon, Onslaught and Conquest. Hopefully it will be implemented, and if so, like the mechanics balances, more information will be provided at a later date.

Hopefully, more information regarding release date and upcoming additions/information will be able to be provided sooner rather than later.