Claire Colpa - Onslaught/Conquest Preset - February 3, 2018


HP - 100

Attack - 20

Defense - 0%

Combat Movement - 100%


Throat Jab

Throwing Knife


Deluge of Doom (Extreme)

Developer's Take:

Claire is a precision character that is great at taking advantage of vulnerable enemies. Her Rainfall provides pools of water that inflict knockdown, which Claire can take the opportunity to run up to them with high speed, inflict Throat Jab and deal high damage (as both Throat Jab and Knockdown debuff enemy defenses). Her Throwing Knife provides decent damage at a distance and has low cooldown. Claire's Deluge of Doom Extreme brings out 8 waves from her position every 3 seconds (where Deluge lasts 15 seconds total) that deal damage and Knockdown while removing ALL of Claire's cooldowns. This is where the precision part of Claire comes into play, as she can not only rush in to inflict frequent Throat Jab between waves, but enemies at her position will take damage from multiple waves. However, without effective precision striking and debuff application, Claire is considerably less useful.

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