Cook Falsch - Onslaught/Conquest Preset - February 3, 2019


HP - 200

Attack - 30

Defense - 20%

Combat Movement - 0%


Viper Cudgel

Far Shot

Viper Blast

Phenomenon Flare (Extreme)

Developer's Take:

Cook's preset has stayed as he was previously presented for Legends Corrupt - very strong and reliant on the basics, less effective for anything beyond that. His stats are the highest of all characters, and he can fight simultaneously up close with his fists and at a distance using his boomerang (and attacking enemies with fists and Viper Cudgel while his boomerang is out grants him more Extreme). His Viper Cudgel and Viper Blast are both very strong but with high cooldowns. Keep in mind that Viper Cudgel while holding his boomerang deals more damage (and is often far more than enough to one-shot an enemy), while Viper Cudgel with his boomerang out gains more Extreme; given its large 45 second cooldown, it is best to choose wisely what you need more. His Phenomenon Flare Extreme is weak, but provides much needed versatility and is useful for softening up enemies. For the most part, Cook will be relying mainly on his high stats, melee attacks and boomerang throws. Anything else is a bonus.