Pound Falsch - Onslaught/Conquest Preset - February 3, 2018


HP - 100

Attack - 30

Defense - 0%

Combat Movement - 0%


Viper Flight


Dark Arts

Apocalypse Forest (Extreme)

Developer's Take:

Pound still makes use of a large-area playstyle, with Viper Flight and Aura both covering good areas over straight lines (though Viper Flight is fast and Aura is slow but long lasting). Attacking while Dark Arts is active gains more Extreme for Pound, but is best combined with Viper Flight and/or Aura rather than regular attacks, as while Pound has high Attack, his melee attack speed is very low. This does not mean he should avoid attacking up close (as he still gains more Extreme with Dark Arts and melee attacks), but he is more vulnerable when Viper Flight and Aura are on cooldown. His Apocalypse Forest Extreme grows a whole Death Forest, from spike to tree to explosion, and is still the most powerful and long-lasting large area attack among the preset characters' Extremes (and can make having to deal with his poor melee attacks worth it).

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