Alberto Mundosold - Onslaught/Conquest Preset - February 3, 2019


HP - 100

Attack - 20

Defense - 20%

Combat Movement - 0%


Deadly Arts [EDIT: As of 2019/05/21, replaces Light Chi]

Light Magic

System Shock

Heaven's Wrath (Extreme)

Developer's Take:

Alberto is the only character with a preset that contains a healing ability. Used effectively, this can be a quick fix that allows him to keep fighting up close. Used poorly, it's more a wasted ability, especially in Conquest where time is of the essence and kiting to wait for Light Magic to recharge is less viable. That said, he does have Light Chi to blast enemies away and his System Shock stuns a large area around him, a benefit made even stronger as Alberto gains more Extreme attacking Stunned enemies. His Heaven's Wrath Extreme allows him to fire 8 aimable high-powered damage-and-Stun lightning bolts while invincible. While he lacks power normally, effectively stalling for time and using System Shock to boost Extreme gains can allow him to use Heaven's Wrath to effectively bring the next medkit or Conquest victory. [EDIT: As of 2019/05/21, Deadly Arts, a dash punch, takes Light Chi's place]