Knight - Onslaught/Conquest Preset - February 3, 2019


HP - 100

Attack - 30

Defense - 0%

Combat Movement - 0%


Power Drive [EDIT: As of 2019/05/21, replaces Hookshot]

Energy Flow

Monster Bubble

Absolute Zero (Extreme)

Developer's Take:

Knight is a high-risk offense character. He deals solid melee attack damage and his abilities inflict status effects. Though Defiance as an ability sums up Knight's playstyle quite well (2x damage dealt at the cost of 2x damage received), like Cherry's Stand Ground, it ended up being less suitable for his preset style. His Absolute Zero Extreme unleashes wide-area Deep Freeze ice spikes across the battlefield, but unlike standard Deep Freeze spikes, these Absolute Zero spikes deal more damage and inflict Poison and Blind. Knight also has a unique trait with his Extreme, and is the only character who can continue to gain Extreme while his current one is active. Since he gains more Extreme hitting enemies under Poison, Blind or Monster Bubble, it can be worth the risk to rush in and attack surviving enemies during his current Absolute Zero to build up to the next Absolute Zero (and victory or medkit spawn) faster, keeping with his high risk playstyle.