Endless Dungeon - February 3, 2019

Endless Dungeon in The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt revolves around the player playing through procedurally generated levels by selecting a party of 3 characters out all 9 playable characters. Characters can be customized through the Soul Triad system (as they would be able to be in Story Mode) and weapons (and the money to upgrade them) can be found in treasure chests. Augmentors for opening customization paths on the Soul Triad system can also be obtained the further the player advances through the levels, and similarly to Story Mode, a maximum of 20 Augmentors can be found for customization purposes.

Enemies gain levels the further the player advances through the levels, and every 4 levels, the player will encounter a boss battle. Clearing this boss battle will allow the player the chance to save their game and continue onward. Though both standard enemies and bosses start in smaller numbers and have no abilities, as the player advances, all enemies (standard and boss) will have abilities at level 20 and will become more numerous, with too many enemies making use of a reinforcement mechanic to bring more enemies into the current battle as their ranks for that battle deplete.

Aside from the enemies getting stronger, when the player reaches level 40, timed events may be encountered at random when arriving on a floor. These can be beneficial, granting double Soul Triad Points or Mez from defeated enemies until the timer runs out, but the majority of them hinder the player once the timer runs out, and include starting battles with half HP, forcing in specific Field Effects at the start of each fight, adding high enemy reinforcements to battles and even adding bosses to the standard enemies. Many factors affect the timer, with larger levels allowing more time, while being at a further level and/or on Legend Difficulty decreases it. These timed events can make it so the player has to decide between clearing a level quickly to avoid negative effects or searching for treasure/Augmentors that they will need to help develop their characters further.