Modes - October 14, 2018

While work on these modes are just beginning (and therefore specifics about mechanics are not fully implemented or tested), the following are modes that are planned and the current outlines for what they are to contain:

Story Mode

Story Mode makes use of the basic story of The Demon Rush, with expansion content that will boost the amount of content (gameplay and story considered) by roughly 20%. Further plans for Story Mode are to add and change some scenes (mainly for scenes that make mention or use of older removed gameplay mechanics and preparation for expansion content) for the base non-expansion content, as well. Most of the dialogue from the original is intended to be kept as it was from the original. When Story Mode is completed or near completion, an update dev blog page is planned to go over some of the specific changes in an attempt to more accurately state to what degree Story Mode's content has changed and stayed the same.

Due to the change of graphics from 2D to 3D, the presentation of cutscenes will differ from the original. Many of the maps from the base game will have to be altered, as well, to fit the new gameplay mechanics (especially the battles taking place immediately and seamlessly rather than being taken to a separate battle map on making contact with the enemy).

Story Mode, at present, is not planned to have the option for Legend Difficulty (for various reasons, with instances of forced parties for some story segments being a major one); however, some bosses in Story Mode's main content will be set as if they were at Legend Difficulty, and all enemies in Story Mode's late-game Challenges are planned to all be at Legend Difficulty.

Story Mode will allow for character customization through the Soul Triad and Weapons, and will also make use of the Field Effect during battle. Augmentors for the Soul Triad system and weapons for the characters will be obtainable both by advancing through the main storyline and through side dungeons.

Endless Dungeon Mode

Endless Dungeon Mode has the player choose a party of 3 from the 9 available main characters and progress through procedurally generated dungeons. In contrast to Story Mode (which is meant to combine customization of characters and teams with story scenes), Endless Dungeon is about customizing a team and focusing on increasingly difficult gameplay with your custom team.

Current plans for these procedurally generated dungeons are that they will be similar to Dragooned (go through a few floors, fight a boss, gain an opportunity to save progress), although they will be 3D compared to Dragooned's 2D. Certain events (that may be on a per-fight basis or a whole-floor basis) are planned for the sake of further variety in Endless Dungeon, including starting and/or force Field Effects, bosses appearing early and heavy amounts of reinforcements of standard enemies.

Endless Dungeon Mode will allow for character customization through the Soul Triad and Weapons, and will also make use of the Field Effect during battle. Augmentors for the Soul Triad system will be found as the player progresses through the levels, and both weapons for the characters and the money to upgrade these weapons will be obtainable at random in treasure boxes.

Endless Dungeon Mode has the option for Legend Difficulty, and even without it, Endless Dungeon Mode is planned to be overall more difficult than Story Mode.

Onslaught Mode

Onslaught Mode has the player choose one character from the 9 available main characters, and, similar to Dragooned's Onslaught Mode, will fight enemies until their health depletes fully (with respawning medical kits to heal to full). Legend Difficulty will also be able to be applied to Onslaught. This is meant to be The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt's pick-up-and-play mode.

Unlike Story Mode and Endless Dungeon Mode, the 9 characters cannot be customized, and are planned to have access to 3 abilities (that emphasize their playstyle) and their Extreme, which charges as the player lands attacks and use abilities appropriately with their character (Extremes are not available in Story Mode or Endless Dungeon Mode).

Extremes have not been implemented as of yet, but when they are, an update dev blog page is planned to go into further detail regarding the 9 Extremes.

"The Fourth Mode"

Though kept vague for now, due to specific mechanics needing to be worked out and implemented (and making sure it can be done up as planned, if at all), this mode is planned, like Onslaught Mode, to have the player pick 1 of 9 3-ability/Extreme preset characters, and its aim is short campaigns (longer than Onslaught, shorter than Story/Endless Dungeon).

Regardless of if/when this fourth mode is fully implemented, information about it will be done up in an update dev blog page when able.

Tutorial Mode

A Tutorial Mode is planned, as well, with its main foci to be on the basics of combat, some advanced techniques and the Soul Triad/Weapon customization systems.