Legend Difficulty - October 14, 2018

Legend Difficulty is another new addition to The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt, and is planned to be an option across all non-Story Modes, though Story Mode will have late-game Challenges that are all Legend Difficulty, as well as a number of boss battles, that from around midgame or so onward, will be akin to Legend Difficulty.

Unlike Impossible Difficulty from Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine (and the Playstation 4/Playstation Vita versions of Skylight Freerange 1), where all enemies got a flat doubling of max HP and Attack, Legend Difficulty in Legends Corrupt powers up enemies in different ways:

-Legend Difficulty enemies have no break where they stop moving or acting. Normally, enemies pause for half a second every now and then, giving the player more of a chance to strike. Legend Difficulty removes this, making all enemies completely relentless in their assaults.

-Enemy stats are improved compared to their non-Legend Difficulty compatriots. Though not a flat boost like Impossible Difficulty, they gain double stat growths too HP, Attack, Defense and Combat Movement as their levels increase, meaning at level 0, Normal Difficulty and Legend Difficuly enemies are the same statistically, but Legend Difficulty enemies will pull ahead as the player advances through the modes.

-All Legend Difficulty enemies have their cooldown times cut down by half. Not only does this mean they get to use their more powerful/more useful abilities more frequently, but it has another very important impact in that enemies using more abilities means more influence towards a Field Effect, making it harder for the player's team to enhance their own abilities if they are unable to achieve the Field Effect they are striving to reach.

As a result of the above, some abilities get more mileage out of Legend Difficulty than others, especially status ailments.

Poison, if there are no healer enemies like Force Fighters or Necromancers, can allow the player to hit with Poison and spend time dodging away from the relentless enemies, instead of facing down these more brutal foes in straight combat.

Cooldown Add/"Silence" is of particular importance, since enemies that cannot use their abilities have less to threaten the player's team with, and most importantly, they cannot influence the Field Effect.

On the topic of the enemies influencing the Field Effect, Jimmy's Vital Wave deserves special mention, since it can be used to remove unwanted Field Effects the enemies create.