Into The Past expansion update - October 6, 2023

Work on the Into The Past expansion has been going very smoothly so far -- models, maps, music and story content for all 20 Side Stories have been completed. This leaves essentially the programming and testing for the 3 new modes (Side Stories, RopeRange, Prison Break) as the remaining tasks for the expansion work. The hope is to get a preview video for the new expansion out when testing has progressed far enough, similar to the one that the Tenebris expansion had.

Since enough details have been worked out for the 3 new modes through their current preparation, some early details can be provided for each mode.

Side Stories will start with 20 stories, with plans to add more each expansion -- not as much as Into The Past has per future expansion, but enough are planned to still notably boost the eventual final number of Side Stories overall.

The Side Stories will have the player playing as different characters per story -- this includes protagonists, antagonists and side characters. Some Side Stories will be longer, some will be shorter. Some will have more of a combat focus, some will have no combat, and most will strike a balance of story and combat. Some will be more lighthearted in theme, others taking a darker and heavier tone.

Each Side Story will take place before the start of the game, and the intent of each is to either go into further detail about an event mentioned ingame in the past, to show more of a character's personality or motivations, to emphasize a particular part of the setting, reveal further details of the past, or to show a day in that character's life at that particular point in time.

The current list of 20 Side Stories (showing the character and their story name) that will be part of Into The Past are the following:


Side Story Name


Boot Camp


Whatever The Cost


Better Than Nobody


Treacherous Seas


Mechanical Failure


The Children Who Suffer


Swim Meet


Pael's Protector


Advancing Beyond Us


A Day In The Life Of Barklord


A Speck Of Honour


The People Cannot Know


The Leader's Scandal


No Redemption


Father's Approval

Jonathan LeCoeur

No Rest For The Retired


Five Minutes To Midnight


Destiny And Destruction


Rise To Power


Blood On My Hands

RopeRange, which was originally planned as sort of a shoot-em-up, is currently set to be more acrobatic in nature. More details will likely come with the possible preview video and future updates.

Prison Break has also had some structural changes to its plans. The progress update that had the expanded roadmap for expansions for The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt had originally mentioned that the Prison Break mode's concept was to be breaking out followed by going on the run (where going on the run may have had some light horror elements to it).

Going on the run/horror elements will no longer be part of the plan for Prison Break. As more of Prison Break's breakout planning progressed and the player's available options grew, the fugitive section felt like it was not right for the mode -- going from a people-filled prison filled with restrictions the player has to work with and plan around (as well as the culmination of a successful escape plan) to immediately having to hide and deal with horror elements out in the open felt like too heavy a gameplay and tone shift. It also did not help that successfully escaping prison (the point of Prison Break mode to begin with) does not result in a victory, but rather another phase to be completed before victory instead. So, Prison Break will only be about escaping now.

More details of Prison Break will also likely come with the possible preview video, once more of the specifics are sorted and handled during programming and testing.