Tenebris release and overview - August 1, 2023

The Tenebris expansion for The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt has released on PC and Playstation 4!

This means the addition of:

  • The new playable character, Caesara

  • The new Adventure Mode, Naval Conquest

  • A new world on Story Mode, which includes a new main quest story arc, story-heavy side quests (with new passive abilities as rewards for playable characters and the Wild Nova ability for Barklord), a super dungeon, and more endgame Challenges

  • A 9th weapon for all characters in Story Mode and Endless Dungeon

  • Pantheon Priests and Crazy Arena as new features for Endless Dungeon

  • New recruitable monsters for Conquest

  • New Heist Artifact, False Saint's Blade

  • Brooks' Aim Mode is zoomed out more

In order to access the new story content, save file progress must be far enough that the player is able to access the final dungeon and the player must have Barklord recruited.

If the player is not far enough in the story, the secondary objective in the Field Menu telling the player where to go next for expansion content will not be present. If the player is far enough in the story and does not have Barklord yet, the secondary objective will tell the player to go to the Dog Kennels.

If the player has Barklord and enough story progress, the secondary objective will tell the player to go to the Divine Gate, where they can access the new story content.

Some changes to Naval Conquest for balance purposes that were mentioned in the preview video information have also been changed over the course of testing the expansion:

  • The number of days in a Naval Conquest had been reduced to 30 for Normal and Legend, and reduced to 20 for Legend Plus. The amount of time otherwise felt like it was far too much.

  • Claire's Cautious Sailor Passive had leeway against hunter boat ramming as part of her defensive strengths in naval combat. This leeway ended up working against the player more than helping them, as hunter boats are quite tough and it felt like delaying the inevitable of being boarded.

  • A Sailor Crew Size bonus was added to make sailors a stronger playstyle option. When the player hits 11 or more sailors, all sailors gain stat bonuses of 5% per sailor from the 11th onward for the entire battle (even when sailors are killed in battle), up to a 3x stat bonus for the max size of 50 sailors.

  • Sea trade expedition rewards were strengthened and Jimmy's People Person Passive was boosted to 50% stronger trade deals, in order to make trade-based playstyles on par with other playstyles.

With the completion of the Tenebris expansion, work is beginning immediately on the Into The Past expansion, which is intended to be a shorter expansion and should hopefully have a far shorter development time.