Changes and fixes in Legends Overload - February 17, 2022

The changes and fixes listed below are not exhaustive, but are the primary/major things affected (aside from the new content, new mode, etc. mentioned in other dev blog pages):

  • Triumphs on Playstation 4 -- The Playstation 4 version of Legends Overload adds the Triumphs that were added onto the PC port. The Story Mode triumphs specifically for Playstation 4 have a "regressive" handling of them, where if a triumph is obtained later in the story, then the previous ones will be obtained (for example, on Playstation 4, the ending triumph will get all of the earlier story-based triumphs before it).

  • Heist passives altered for Ground Team -- For better balance (especially when it comes to the addition of Legend Plus), some of the Ground Team passives have been improved. Cherry's Sky Corps Phalanx has party Defense boosted from 25% to 50%, Knight's Disgraced Past boosts back attack damage from 2x to 5x, Alberto's Heart of Gold heals 30 HP instead of 10 HP every 10 seconds, and Jimmy's Parkour provides the party with the ability to have dodging characters inflict Stagger on enemies that they come into contact with.

  • Throat Jab affects more damage sources -- Claire's Throat Jab debuff applies to more damage sources, such as Pushback Damage and Drown for Knight, and most importantly Poison (which is a specialty for Claire).

  • Conquest Guard Assigning -- Conquest has a new action for quickly assigning multiple guards to one location.

  • New textures -- A number of textures were changed for Legends Overload, with the most standout ones being brick, sky and tree textures when it comes to the actual 3D field. The world map textures were also changed very heavily to account for the addition of new locations (Altair in particular has VERY noticeable changes to fit in everything new).

  • Changes to existing maps -- Some parts of some 3D maps have changed made to them. Some are required for the new locations, such as parts of the Devil's Playground on Thormia. The Technology Graveyard on Altair got more of a cosmetic update, with some scrap piles strewn along the walls.

  • Additional explanation in one story scene with Jimmy -- An additional sentence is added to Story Mode where Jimmy explains to Brooks and Xavier where the term "siphon" comes from -- since those that have already passed this scene will have missed it, the sentence is as follows: "That 'absorption' of energy was also commonly termed as 'siphon' by ancient Necromancers.". This was added while working out future dialogue with new characters in later expansions, where it would be mentioned that "siphon" was a colloquial term that was around for centuries -- it was best that it was added sooner than later.

  • Enforcer HP cut -- In Story Mode, early battles with Enforcer have his HP cut in half (it was too high for such an early point in the game).

  • Stairs and enemy jitter -- The camera jitter is removed when moving up and down stairs, as well as enemies bumping into each other as they go after the player in battle.

  • Miscellaneous changes and fixes -- A bit cliched, but there were more than a few smaller things here and there that also got adjusted or fixed.