Legends Overload - Story Mode specifics - February 17, 2022

What major content has been added to Story Mode?

The largest amount of content that has been added for Story Mode consists of side quests to further populate the existing world maps and provide more focus on characters in the story. The rewards for completing these side quests consist of new and powerful passive abilities. One side quest also rewards the player with access to Barklord.

Other Story Mode content includes the new endgame content, which consists of a new superdungeon and new Challenges. The Challenges in particular bring new enemies with more unique abilities/movesets, as well as new combinations of old enemies.

In particular, the new endgame content can require heavier use of supportive abilities to survive, such as King's Rays, Reaper Shield, Mindcloud, Beyond Eternity and more.

The new story content was tested from both an existing completed base game save file, as well as from a brand new save file. None of the new content is missable, though 2 events will have different dialogue/character appearances depending on the timing they are triggered in the story.