Boulderball - Character Abilities - February 17, 2022

Each character in Boulderball has only one ability alongside the fundamentals of attacking/blocking/dodging. Similar to Legend and Legend Plus Difficulty balancing for Onslaught, all 9 characters have been tested and confirmed that they can win with their single ability in Boulderball Legend Plus.

Cherry - Tornado

Cherry has Tornado for her ability, which is very useful for locking off an area for defensive purposes and for controlling the Boulder's position in order to hit it easier. While placing the Tornado at the enemy goal can keep the Defense and Goalkeeper away from their own goal, Cherry's Tornado will also deflect the Boulder away from the enemy goal, making it better for defense/midfield setup.

Knight - Power Drive

Knight's Power Drive needs some foresight, due to its long windup and vulnerability on miss, but it covers a large area, provides solid damage, inflicts Stagger and can deflect the Boulder away. It primarily has the most use in weakening the enemy for kills, especially alongside teammates who are already battling those enemies.

Alberto - Elixir

Alberto's Elixir heals himself and all living teammates -- though, unlike other modes, Elixir's base heal is 200 in Boulderball rather than 10. It is not a flashy ability, but it keeps his team alive and helps them stay in the game. Alberto's fast short-range attacks are more effective at hitting the Boulder than they first appear to, primarily because it gives Alberto a fairly long-lasting hitbox in front of him when doing a combo attack.

Tara - Earthquake

Tara's Earthquake is essentially a damage-all-enemies ability and provides little utility otherwise. Tara's basic attacks are simply a single wide swing, which if not done accurately will have a hard time getting goals. Since Tara excels at close combat, it may be best to prioritize wiping out as much of the enemy team as possible with her and aim for goals later on.

Pound - Aura

Pound's basic attacks are very slow and swing wide, which can be difficult for hitting the Boulder. He is more reliant on his Aura, which is a slow-moving projectile with fairly low cooldown -- it can be used very effectively for both dealing with the Boulder and the enemy team, and should be deployed often and from a good position that emphasizes offense and defense.

Cook - Far Shot

Cook's Far Shot is a quick boomerang throw with a one second cooldown. On the surface, this seems like it can be good for long-range Boulder deflections, but the timing can be tricky to get down. Similar to Tara, his single basic attack can be hard to hit the Boulder with, so he should do as she does -- focus on defeating as much of the enemy team as possible. Far Shot can be used to try and inflict damage at both ends of the arena if needs be.

Claire - Rainfall

Rainfall won't affect the Boulder, but it leaves enemies prone to be attacked, hit by the Boulder or to prevent them from hitting the Boulder. It can also be very useful for taking care of the captain Demon that pursues the player character on Legend and Legend Plus. Like Alberto, her fast combo attacks can be useful for deflecting the Boulder.

Jimmy - Twister

Similar to Alberto and Claire, Jimmy has fast attacks that can be good at hitting the Boulder -- he also has enough power and speed from blocking into a basic combo to wear down the captain Demon fairly quickly. His high-movement and long lasting hitbox from Twister can be a good tool for deflecting the Boulder from a surprise angle, but it's best to stop when the Boulder gets too close, as going too fast into the Boulder will likely result in HP damage on Jimmy.

Brooks - Black Hole

Brooks is in a fairly unique position offensively, thanks to his long-range hitscan basic attack -- he can easily deflect the Boulder from any distance and angle he wants, as well as wear down the enemy Defense/Goalkeeper slowly but safely (though he might have a hard time wearing down the captain Demon pursuing him if he isn't blocking followed by immediate firing from the hip). His Black Hole, like Cherry's Tornado, is another form of area control that can deflect the Boulder, only it sucks enemies in rather than launches them away.